NOVEMBER 9, 2022|SHORT STORY By: RelatoCorto

Sunlight shone on the arena. Spectators from all over the kingdom filled the stands surrounding the stage. The event was larger than anything our world has witnessed. After endless years, the visitors were finally ready to leave the planet.

The giant rulers of creation served their purpose; they learn the secrets to replicating life. Years of dedication helped them speak with the deities of the world, and through their loyalty and servitude, they were able to create new life.

They were few and lived longer than we thought possible. Their creations came to encircle the Earth and co-exist with God’s creation, but as soon as they perfected the craft of life, they had to leave.

The giant rulers cheered on a private balcony while enjoying the spectacle offered by their creations. A tournament to the death in which different terrestrial species participated. None of the other creations was a match for humans. They were the perfect being. Proof that our creators learned the craft of life from earthly deities.

God ordained different deities for the sky to open up on the main stage. He also wanted to see the last show before the departure of the visitors.

The giant rulers enjoyed their last feast of gold and other precious metals before their departure.

In the main stage, the participants of the next battle began to enter the arena. The firsts to enter were large and strong humans who have dedicated their lives to perfecting sword combat. This would be a test to finally end the discussion on the most powerful of the arts of war.

On the opposite side of the arena, another group of humans entered. They carried staffs with large precious gems. The magicians were in charge of controlling the elements thanks to their affinity with the dragons.

The deities of the surrounding earth, air, water, plants, and animals also came to see the show. Even some beings of darkness and demons infiltrated the crowd.

At that time no one could imagine a future without the giant rulers. The creators of life that gave rise to the dinosaurs. The creators of so many species decided that their visit to Earth served its purpose. They were ready to leave and test their knowledge on a dead planet.

The humans in the arena gladly lost their lives to show their appreciation for the creators. The battle quickly turned into a massacre. Balls of fire collided with the naked torsos of the warriors who could not protect themselves. While the human muscles ran to reach with their weapons the delicate bodies of the magicians.

The battle was a spectacle of elements. The deities looked surprised as a dragon flew over the stage. The farewell for Earth’s guests was a happy day for all. The banquet satisfied visitors from all corners of the world.

Once the celebration was over, the giant rulers entered the upside-down metal pyramid. To the surprise of all those present, the gigantic structure disappeared.

After the crowd left the arena, it was time for the cleanup crew to take over the stage.

“Someday they will come back,” said Damien, a priest walking the interior corridors of the arena.

“I hope so,” said Margaret, another priest in charge of casting the mass resurrection in the arena’s fallen.

Both priests had learned to hone their powers through years of practice. They still didn’t control their healing to the level that others had. Casting mass resurrection would be a test to continue their holy studies.

Once they reached the arena, they were shocked to see the number of corpses scattered everywhere.

“Let’s try to revive everyone at once,” Damien said with a smile.

“Do you think we’re ready for something like that?” Margaret said hesitantly.

“Worst case scenario, we have to do it again,” Damien said with a wink.

“Think again,” said Margaret, “we may have to do it a third time.”

“Give it a try,” Damien said before opening his copy of the Holy Scriptures.

Margaret also began to read the words aloud. The two priests cast the spell just as they had hundreds of times before; they recited the words perfectly. Only, in the end, the white light that brings people back to life did not appear. Nothing happened.

Damien and Margaret recited the spell four more times, and not once did they manage to revive any of the fighters.

“What’s going on?” Margaret asked, worried about losing her powers.

“I’m going to report to the High Priest,” Damien said and turned to run back to the cathedral.

The priests paid little attention to the conversations in the crowd as they ran toward the cathedral. The problem at hand was all they could think of. Damien feared that he had lost his connection to the light. Margaret couldn’t even imagine a future without resurrection.

Arriving at the cathedral, they noticed that an unscheduled mass was taking place. Damien didn’t stop until reaching the altar. The High Priest was about to begin the ceremony.

“Father,” Damien said, “resurrection isn’t working.”

“None of our powers are working,” said the High Priest before two guards led Damien and Margaret off the stage.

Magic disappeared with the departure of the creators. Since then the leaders of the church decided that the best way to preserve the corpses, until the return of magic, would be to bury them. With the departure of the creators, immortality was lost.

Humans had no other alternative but to begin reproducing to prevent our extinction, most of the other creations of the giant rulers disappear. Thousands of years have passed and we continue to bury our dead waiting for the return of the creators.


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