Spot Light Bio: Socra Teez

The goal of any poet/spoken word artist, is to assemble words together to capture & maintain the audi-
ence’s imagination and attention. Few have understood this ancient art, and even fewer have mastered

it. S.A. Thomas, largely known as Socra Teez, is one such artist who has mastered the art of written
and oral interpretation.
Socra Teez is a native Houstonian, who maintains a certain ‘integrity’ within the literary community.

He has performed in venues throughout the state of Texas , as well as a number of “spots” abroad creat-
ing a well-respected name for himself. In his efforts to keep his works “timeless”, he continues to be

one of the most romantic poets of our time. Bordering eroticism, he maintains the focal point of his
collective works: life, liberty and love. In referring to his approach on writing, he states, “If you don’t
enjoy life, you will begrudge it. It should be pleasing … it should be fun. At the same time, to live and
not love is equaled to not living at all.”
As one of the most enigmatic performers on the spoken word scene, “Soc” portrays the ‘emotional
man’. His belief of performance, is to offer the “real” … that which many think, but are to afraid to
speak. Often referred to as the “consummate ladies man”, a number of people have described him as
being “eccentric, yet exotic”. Some have gone so far as to say that “his words are like a melody of their
own … as if music is the only element missing.” Regarding his work, he says, “If I can assist others in
expressing his/her emotions/feelings, or affinity for another, then I feel like my words are touching
someone. At the same time, I am still making my plea for that which I’ve always wanted, but never
completely experienced.”

To be known in the “community” is not hard. To be remembered is a mission. To be admired & revered is both an accomplishment and credit to ones work. Socra Teez, the Head Heathen, is an icon.

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