Sammie Shelton

Youth View special! A young story teller gives you a taste of his creativity.

Eye of Isis: The Lost Relic

Eye of Isis: The Lost Relic is the first installment of The Prophecy series. It kicks off the saga, making a introduction, following the exploits of wannabe archeologist explorer, Amanda McCain.

Amanda gets contacted by old acquaintances, the Petrovics, Ryan and Matthew, and they’re father Sol. Ryan is 19 and Matthew is 20, and they both follow in they’re fathers footsteps. Sol specializes in the Ancient Artifacts department at a university in Manhattan. Sol informs Amanda of old manuscripts which recount t he last few years of a reign of Leonard II, a captain of the leadership of Cortez, the Spanish Conquistador.In the manuscripts, it tells the legend of the Rainbow Stone, a religious icon that the Spanish failed to plunder. Legend says that the Rainbow Stone is a map, leaving a rainbow trail to the infamous Eye of Isis . The manuscripts also tell of a evil ruler named Saquèt, that ruled the Inca, Mayan, and Aztec land.

To put a stop to the evil forces, the three cultures joined together. Three Priests battled and defeated Saquèt and entombed his spirit in a mystical orb. From that day, the orb was titled the Rainbow Stone, because of Saquèt’s powers evolving in the orb . The orb was then sealed in the vast Temple of Orpheus, Orpheus being a Roman tyrant. Him and his men then took the Rainbow Stone and the ancient manuscripts when they were conquering land. After King Orpheus died, his disciples put the Rainbow Stone in hi s temple they built for his legacy, which sunk under water after a brutal earthquake.

Sol locates the temple on the Gulf of Mexico. Him and his sons seem to be aware of “interested parties” acquiring whereabouts of the manuscripts, but unsure of their motives, tell Amanda nothing. The four go on a wild but dangerous exploration for the Rainbow Stone and the manuscripts to recover the Eye of Isis, but they find themselves in a deadly race to stop a bio-terrorist and his organization from using the Eye of Isis for evil, unleashing a dangerous world-wide plague.

Sword of Aero Add-On:

Amanda visits her friend Tilly O’Toole at her fathers museum in Bronx. The theft of a mystical sword takes place. Giving chase, Amanda catches up with the thieves, but s he is cut by the sword and left in a alley way for dead. Amanda’s wound get treated, but from the cut, Amanda is placed under a curse and has become the host for Ma- dame Alexia, a evil witch fortune teller spirit, who rose to power in the 1800’s in Oregon, using black magic and sacrificing people. Madame Alexia is also the leader of the Aero cu lt. Her disciples search for a host, (who at this point is Amanda), to bring they’re master back to life. Unless Amanda can defeat the Aero cult and break the Aero Sword, Amanda will cease to exist and Madame Alexia will be resurrected

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