Poetry Day #3

Photo by Sofia Alejandra on Pexels.com


Something I tend to wonder,

Why can’t I cry?

I’ve lost so many,

I’ve lost so much

But I have been forbidden to let my emotions rain,

I fight this world with every drop of tenacity, 

I give and I give and little is replaced,

I wish some would understand the pressure of a man,

To know lives look to you,

Help me,

Save me, 

Love me,

Protect me, 

Provide for me, 

I need you,

This is what is demanded, 

As this world, 

Designed for the sole purpose of enticing  our failure,

Does everything in it’s power to ensure we don’t rise,

Strength is a gift and a curse,

Once deemed as strong,

You can never show weakness,

Never let your guard down,

The crosshair on your heart will never fade,

Am I less of a man if I long to cry,

To purge myself of all the sorrow,


And pain this place consistently pours into me,

If I wish to be held,

To have my internal wounds mended,

To feel the warmth I so freely give,

Does that make me less of a man!

When a man cries,

It is the epitome of strength,

To stand as a open book hiding nothing, 

Is the badge of a true warrior, 

I am a Man,

I am also human,

I will not confine what I feel because of my gender,

I will unlock my emotions and release them all,

I will show you the path of a real man,

I just wish I had someone to show me how.

By: Devin Thomas

Cold War

Why do we have to be this way

When us becomes you and I

You use your words to penetrate my flesh to the bone

So transmute my terminology into my sword that I swing back at you

I don’t wanna be the only one that’s hurts here

I guard myself because I know that my pride is your bulls-eye

But my heart is in your way

You tell me you hate me and u wish u never met me

What did I do to anger you so

My angel standing before me with hate in her heart and fire in her eyes

Hitting me with every verbal bullet in her arsenal

Calculating cureless carnage

Overpowering other options

Livid love loss leads

Destruction delving deep

Without wait wanting

Another alliteration alleviating

Regretful remorseless reproach

I stand here in pain as I watch liquid sorrow stain your face

Hand covering your mouth as if a feeble attempt to catch what has already been said

Staring at me knowing you’ve crossed a line watching for my reaction

I just never knew that this Cold War would have a casualty……me

By: Devin Thomas

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