Black History day #3

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Ethel Waters was the first black performer, male or female, to have her own TV show and may very well have been the first black person to appear on television. Nat King Cole becomes the first African-American to host a nationwide show. While Ethel Waters was the first African-American to star in her own television show, Nat King Cole was the first African-American to have a nationwide show.

The first television sitcom to portray black people, Amos ‘n Andy, was widely popular among diverse audiences. many might know these names It’s sad to say there’s many who don’t. Even with easier access to information there is still a lack of knowledge of African American

history that deals with what we do in our day to day lives. So throughout this month I will be showcasing books that I think can help close that gap of not knowing about a history that even in this day people still try to hide the painful events that makes the history just as important today than the day it all started.

I hope you enjoy it.

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