Memorial: Roshanda “2die4” Johnson

This is going to be a hard one to write. I’ve known this beautiful soul for over 20 years and to say this world just loss something magical is an understatement. I can’t just call her a friend because she was much more than that. I met her when I first became a poet and it was her and another poet that gave me my stage name Lady D. I was always amazed by her multial creative gifts. From art to theatre to poetry to humanitarian work to education. She was that person who made friends by just coming into her ora.There are too many memories to count that I was amazed with by this woman so bare with me in the common weeks because this will be a difficult adjustment for me. I will try my best to not impact the website. She wouldn’t want that.

She actually was one of the poets who helped spread poetry when the magazine was first published. she worked with me to where the months the magazine wasn’t published she created a newsletter to coincide with us. She has helped with storylines and of course poetry. I can’t think of anything that I’ve done in the time that I met her that she didn’t have a hand in it whatsoever. We went from 2die4 and Lady D to shonda and dede very quickly.

I enjoyed helping with her program to help feed the homeless that she created. Every month she and other volunteers would create bagged meals every month and pass around to those who desperately needed them. This chapter ending will be the 2nd hardest chapter for me as my first was letting go of my mother. This will be like letting go of another family member….my little sister.

To say she wasn’t more than that wouldn’t be a lie but that’s the best way to describe this loss. There are so many people feeling this loss in Houston and in other states. Her love was felt by so many but that love was also followed up with her faith. She never was a person to push her faith onto others but you felt it because she embraced it completely. NOW if you wanted to debate with her then that was your own suicide mission. she had no problem backing up her love for her God. I’ve always told her How proud I was of her and how much I loved her.

I know she knew that and that’s one thing I don’t have to worry about. We had a text battle about who loved who more till we decided to call it a tie because we would be at it for at least a month right before she passed away. I have so many voice text messages to help me get through the rough days that I think of as little gifts she left behind. The best way I’ve been able to describe my loss is every day that I don’t talk to her is like inhaling without exhaling. You feel the silence and want nothing more than to catch that breath you’ve become accustomed to having. I have to become accustomed to just hearing her voice as I push play. I’m going to miss you so much as we said we’re on the same boat just in different seating chart

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