Carter G. Woodson was a scholar whose dedication to celebrating the historic contributions of Black people led to the establishment of Black History Month, marked every February since 1976. Woodson fervently believed that Black people should be proud of their heritage and all Americans should understand the largely overlooked achievements of Black Americans. EARLY YEARSContinue reading “CARTER G. WOODSON”

David Driskell

American artist David C. Driskell (1931 – 2020) was a legendary African American artist and art historian. As an artist, scholar, and curator, he made substantial contributions to these fields that have changed the way we think about American art. His paintings and collages unite a strong modernist impulse with his personal vision and memory.Continue reading “David Driskell”

Inner Power By: Relato Corto

Pollux was an ordinary human who lived in the time of the giant creators. His monotonous life revolved around honing his talents, even going to the extreme of spending months away from others. He never expected that life would open the doors to another dimension. Spiritual journeys have been very important to Pollux. He’d discardedContinue reading “Inner Power By: Relato Corto”

Lorraine O’Grady

American artist Lorraine O’Grady is a conceptual artist and cultural critic whose work over four decades has employed the diptych, or at least the diptych idea, as its primary form. While she has consistently addressed issues of diaspora, hybridity and black female subjectivity and has emphasized the formative roles these have played in the history ofContinue reading “Lorraine O’Grady”

Gwendolyn Knight

American artist Gwendolyn Clarine Knight preferred creating figural compositions rather than the Abstract Expressionist paintings that other artists of her generation embraced. Her vibrant paintings, primarily portraits and images of dancing figures, express her personal response to life experiences and reveal an abiding interest in her West African heritage. Her experimentation with improvisation and movement isContinue reading “Gwendolyn Knight”