Does Slavery Exist in America Today?

By Micah HartmannOctober 12, 2018 Does slavery exist in the United States, “the land of the free and home of the brave?” The answer is simple: yes, slavery does still exist in America today. In fact, the estimated number of people living in conditions of modern slavery in the United States right now is 403,000. But where? Why? IContinue reading “Does Slavery Exist in America Today?”

Spiritual Transformation: 9 Signs You’re Evolving

Something is shifting, morphing, and evolving in your life. These alchemical changes might be subtle or shocking, sudden or progressive … but whatever the case, something is transforming below the surface. You are like the caterpillar dissolving in its cocoon. Perhaps life is heading in a surprising direction. New doors may be opening to you, out ofContinue reading “Spiritual Transformation: 9 Signs You’re Evolving”

7 Steps to Building an Interdependent Relationship With Your Partner

Every successful, romantic relationship is built from a strong foundation of trust, communication, and respect. Most importantly, each partner recognizes that they are their own person within the relationship — they are not overly reliant on each other. They share a strong emotional connection while still respecting each other’s boundaries. This is known as anContinue reading “7 Steps to Building an Interdependent Relationship With Your Partner”

The Importance of Hope

Despite all the researching, debating, talking, and planning for the upcoming school year, no one can predict how it will all play out. There are too many variables, unprecedented variables that make the return to school so challenging. Simply put, this is an uncertain, scary time for educators, parents, and students. On a larger scale, it’s also an uncertain, scary time for the rest of us, which is why remaining informed, optimistic, and flexible is important.  “Optimism isContinue reading “The Importance of Hope”

Give yourself grace: 8 tips to love who you are right now

Self-love may seem like just a trendy buzzword on social media these days. You might even write it off as another superficial fad, right up there with face filters and fanny packs (just kidding—fanny packs are dope). But learning to love yourself is essential to your happiness and personal growth. It’s also the starting pointContinue reading “Give yourself grace: 8 tips to love who you are right now”

Ways to Relieve Back Pain

Medically Reviewed by Tyler Wheeler, MD on June 07, 2020 Sleep Better 1/14 When you have back pain, sleeping can be hard. It can be a vicious cycle because when you don’t get enough sleep, your back pain may feel worse. A poor sleep position can also aggravate back pain. Try lying on your side. Place a pillowContinue reading “Ways to Relieve Back Pain”

How to Develop and Practice Self-Regulation

Self-regulation is the ability to control one’s behavior, emotions, and thoughts in the pursuit of long-term goals. More specifically, emotional self-regulation refers to the ability to manage disruptive emotions and impulses—in other words, to think before acting. Self-regulation also involves the ability to rebound from disappointment and to act in a way consistent with yourContinue reading “How to Develop and Practice Self-Regulation”

Why Self Adoration is Vital to Wellness

By: Victoria Myers As the e-book launches tomorrow (!!!), I want to discuss why we intentionally chose for self adoration to be the first, and largest, pillar. Because I think that honestly surprises people. When we come to wellness, whether its to heal our bodies or just learn ways to feel our best on aContinue reading “Why Self Adoration is Vital to Wellness”