15 Monumental Moments In Black Hollywood History

Whether the mainstream likes it or not, Black actors and actresses are breaking down barriers that held them back for so long. In the past year we’ve seen shows like Atlanta, Master of None, Insecure, Empire and even reality show stars (hey, Cardi!) be recognized for their depiction of our varied Black experience. No longer are we a monolith —but weContinue reading “15 Monumental Moments In Black Hollywood History”

IDEA, Section 504, and the ADA: Which laws do what

Three major federal laws protect the rights of people with disabilities. Knowing what these laws do helps people who learn and think differently speak up for what they need in school, work, and life. It also helps families know how to support kids who learn and think differently. Here’s a brief overview of the threeContinue reading “IDEA, Section 504, and the ADA: Which laws do what”


Mary White Ovington was deeply involved in two of the most important movements of the 20th century: civil rights and women’s suffrage. JOINING THE CIVIL RIGHTS CAUSE Ovington was born in 1865 in Brooklyn to parents who supported women’s rights and the abolition of slavery. As a young woman, Ovington decided to join the civilContinue reading “MARY WHITE OVINGTON”


The first general counsel of NAACP, Charles Hamilton Houston exposed the hollowness of the “separate but equal” doctrine and paved the way for the Supreme Court ruling outlawing school segregation. The legal brilliance used to undercut the “separate but equal” principle and champion other civil rights cases earned Houston the moniker “The Man Who KilledContinue reading “CHARLES HAMILTON HOUSTON”