Shareedah Tate

Before this year is over, I felt like for me and this magazine I would bring back some important interviews and topics throughout this year that I know will and should help make a difference for the years to come, and nothing stands out more than this situation and the moment that started a change. Even if you disagree the fact that its relevant and IS HAPPENING helps takes the blindfolds off and that it can’t be denied that it’s STILL happening, and with change we can do more than dream of change but make it a reality for future generations can finally know that this is truly a part of our past and not a hidden danger.

I wanted to thank you again but also to send my deepest condolences to you and your family for your loss. I always thought you would leave a mark but never thought under this type of situation. 

I’ve met you years ago working together in the medical field, what have you been up to since then?

Shareeduh: A lot has happened since I worked with you. Since then I have obtained my Bachelor and Master degrees in nursing and currently working on my doctorate in nursing slated to complete in May 2022. Of course within the last year I suffered the loss of my cousin George Floyd and have the honor of being the President of the foundation founded by our family to honor his legacy.

 How long have you been in healthcare?

Shareeduh: I have worked in healthcare for almost 30 years.

How did you get involved in the Ivyinc Soarers?

Shareeduh: I became involved with the Soarers  community after feeling like I needed something more. Ivy McGregor, the leader of the community is a member of my church and I have always found her to be an inspiration. I had just gone through a divorce, change in jobs and was completing my Masters program but still felt something was missing. I saw that she was started a community that would service others and I wanted in immediately.

Where were you on May 25,2020 when you received the news?

Shareeduh: I actually did not find out until the early morning on May 26,2020 and I was actually at home getting ready for work when I received the call from my cousin notifying me of Perry’s death.

Before that day what was your thoughts about Black lives Matter?

And after?

Shareeduh: I have always felt that Black Lives Matter because I have been a Black woman my whole life . I have experienced the injustices and watched them throughout my life. When Trayvon Martin was murdered it kind of awakened me again . I remember being angry for some time after his death particularly when Zimmerman was acquitted. The difference is that I am now channeling that energy into doing the work that will make a change in the way people of color are being treated as it relates to police reform.

How do you think our African American community will translate the Bill if it is passed?

Shareeduh: I think our community will be slow to respond if the Bill is passed initially. Largely because we have had Bills for years that were supposed to protect our rights. I think once they see it actually being enforced that they will have a different perspective and or response.  

How do you think we can relate to them the reality of the importance of it?

Shareeduh: I think that education and our continual push to create the change will demonstrate the importance of it!

How has it helped you and your family knowing you had support from across the world through this tragedy?

Shareeduh: Having the support, prayers and love of countless individuals across the globe has made a difficult situation much more tolerable. To know that his death and the brutality of it resonated with so many and galvanized them to make changes has been a tremendous help

What is the name of the foundation and how can people support?

Shareeduh: The George Floyd Foundation www.thegeorgefloydfoundation.or

What type of events and efforts do you want to get done through the foundation?

Shareeduh: The foundation has 3 initiatives Social Justice, Work Force Development and Youth Services. We are engaged in activities from anything to protest, rallies, panel discussions, back to school drives, summer camps, training programs for students and adults and legislative hearings.

Unfortunately with all positive aspects with everything there is also negative. How has your family and yourself been able to stay strong throughout the negativity?

We have been able to stay strong because we simply do not give any energy towards negativity. We have recognized that we are not going to change the mindsets of most of them and our energy is best used to fuel positivity.

What do you want the world to know about your cousin George Floyd?

Shareeduh: I want the world to know that he was a person who was loved by many. He was someone who loved to help people and had a great sense of humor. He loved his family, God and his community. He represented the Third Ward,  Cuney Homes and Jack Yates with pride and his life mattered!

How do you help your son understand the magnitude of the historical importance of what you have been going through since that day in May?

Shareeduh: It is a struggle sometimes to get him to fully wrap his mind around the historical importance of this moment. I just make sure he is included knowing that one day he will be able to make the connection and be grateful that his mother included him in the process.

What was going through your mind when you were preparing to go on live TV?

Shareeduh: Each time that I am on TV my prayer is that I represent God and my family well and that the time that I am allotted to speak that it is used in a way that can help move the needle forward in social justice, police reform and solidifying George’s legacy.

 What is one question you wish people would ask about your family that you’ve been wanting to say?

Shareeduh: I cannot think of a question because when given the opportunity I share freely those things that I would like people to know about our family.

Let’s talk fashion! You’ve had a style all your own since I’ve known you….What’s your inspiration behind it all?

Shareeduh: From a very early age I have  admired people whose clothing was well put together. I enjoy putting clothes together and I am excited about what I come up with. Fashion is something that I enjoy!

What do you think Floyd would say about how everything has been playing out since his passing?

Shareeduh: I think he would be super proud of everything that is going on especially since he always said that people were going to know him and that he was going to be famous!

How has your faith gotten you through this journey?

Shareeduh: Faith has gotten me through so many challenges and tragedies in my life and it is the only reason why I am still standing strong! God is everything to me and I am nothing without Him!

Has there been anyone who you were surprised to get support from?

Shareeduh: Beyond the initial surprise of the legions of people who were supporting us I honestly cannot think of any one person that I was surprised that we received support from.

What’s a funny moment your willing to share of George?

Shareeduh: George was a practical joker so I cannot really think of just one moment that was funny to me. He was always doing something especially when we were kids..

What are your thoughts if the bill isn’t passed?

Shareeduh: I believe the Bill will be passed no matter how long it takes so I have no thoughts regarding  it not being passed

What do you want YOUR legacy to be?

Shareeduh: I would like my legacy to be one that used her God given gifts to help effect change that will make this world a better place for people of color as it relates to social justice and police reform and encouraging others to never give up on their dreams. If you can conceive it, believe it and you can achieve it!

open mic!!!

(this is where you can say anything that you want. The stage is yours!)

I would just like to take this opportunity to thank all f our followers and supporters and to ask that they continue to keep us in their prayers. This journey is a marathon not a sprint and it will take the collective efforts of us all to see true social justice change and police reform!

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