As he descended with open wings, Blue Feather felt the resistance of the wind pressing against his body. Shortly after, he was able to distinguish the object on one of the snowy peaks of the Elemental Plane of Earth. He saw an irregular figure of a fuchsia hue—something he couldn’t recognize. He immediately brought his wings close to the body and his falling speed radically increased.

Blue Feather was one of the Aarakocra tasked with protecting Aaqa. The Elemental Plane of Air was a sacred place. He continued to fall with a constant acceleration, sliding through air currents. The fuchsia hue began to take shape. It was something he had never seen before.

A liquid figure surrounded by what appeared to be a group of sorcerers. Blue Feather couldn’t be sure. Fuchsia lights sprouted from the men’s hands. Blue Feather falling speed continued to increase. He felt a current of warm air pass around his beak, making him slightly change his path.

The fuchsia stain moved like a mass of water being held by the energy flowing from the sorcerers. There was no doubt, that it had to be some kind of summoning spell.

Upon landing, Blue Feather spread his wings and a current of air caught the attention of the sorcerers. They saw the winged intruder holding his spear with both hands…they stopped…looked at each other. Blue Feather was much taller than them, and one attack would be enough to end anyone’s life.

It was useless to communicate with disciples of the Elemental Evil. They suffered for the fall of the Queen of Chaos. Blue Feather watched the sorcerers run into the portal and disappear as they reached it. It would be too risky for him to follow them…but finding their intentions might be important for the Wind Dukes.

Blue Feather approached the portal. The fuchsia liquid seemed to be breaking away—evaporating at its ends. His only option was to find help and destroy it…his curiosity wanted to sneak inside and take a peek. Blue Feather grabbed hold of himself, clinging tightly to his spear, preparing to jump and fly.

The white and brown feathers merged into one color as Blue Feather flapped his wings. His strong legs gave him the necessary momentum to take flight. He looked at the portal as he raised away from the ground…suddenly, he felt the coldness of metal around one of his ankles.

One end of the dark chain was coming out of the portal, while Blue Feather pulled the other end with the flapping of his wings.

A fuchsia-skinned creature stepped out of the portal. In one hand he had the chain that held Blue Feather, in the other a gigantic black hammer.

Blue Feather was surprised to see the creature. It must have been twice the size of the Aarakocra that was now uselessly trying to fly away. The creature yanked hard on the chain—forcing Blue Feather closer. Once closed enough the creature tried to hit him with his hammer.

The pulling force caused Blue Feather to crash to the ground. Getting up he noticed the creature was charging toward him. With the help of his wings, he managed to dodge the attack. The hammer passed too close to one of his wings. He had to be more careful.

Once the creature stopped, Blue Feather watched it wrap the chain around its arm. Before falling into the same trap—Blue Feather brought the point of his spear against the chain, breaking it near his claws. He then raised his spear. Focusing his gaze on the misshapen body of the fuchsia creature.

The creature charged. Blue Feather flew up to avoid getting hit by the hammer. Then he fell with his spear first—impaling the creature. Blue Feather drew the bloody spear out. He grabbed the creature’s back with his claws. Once they both fell to the ground, he drove the spear through the creature’s head.

Blue Feather was now certain that there was more about his portal than he could imagine. However, there was nothing he could do on his own. He had to get help. Jumping hard he began to fly when he heard footsteps. Two small creatures came out of the portal. They looked like oversized wolves with fur the same color as the previous creature.

The beasts charged immediately. Blue Feather had to use his spear to stop them from biting. One of the animals grabbed hold of the spear. Blue Feather tried to retrieve it. He held the animal’s weight while flying—it was useless. He let go of his weapon and flew towards the oversized hammer next to the fuchsia-skinned creature. He grabbed it and flew over the area. The beasts lost interest in the spear and ran after the flying Aarakocra’s shadow.

It was useless for the beasts. They ran in circles as Blue Feather looked down on them. Before long, he dropped the hammer. One of the beasts was crushed by it.

Blue Feather landed next to his spear, grabbed it, and threw it at the remaining beast. The spear went through it. Blue Feather flew towards it to retrieve his weapon.

The portal needed to be closed as soon as possible, but he didn’t have the tools to do it on his own, yet. It was likely that one of the patrols would pass by and be able to assist him. Killing any creature that came out of the portal became his sole responsibility.

Blue Feather raised his spear, ready to charge if a creature appeared.

Before long, what little remained of the fuchsia bubble fell to the ground.

Relato Corto

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