Upon awakening, he found everything in the same place as the day before. Impossible…the fire had taken everything. The memory of the flames on his skin was all that remained. How was this possible? Life should have ended.

The world seemed different. The room had something peculiar that set it apart from his memories. Without giving it much thought, Timothy got up from his bed. He looked baked and there was his beloved… time must have been playing tricks with him. Everything was in its place.

Timothy walked around his bed. The ashes of his memories completely disappeared. Maybe it was all a dream, he thought. Perhaps the actions of our life do not matter.

This was an opportunity to start over. Do everything perfectly while expecting different results. After all, that was the only thing that belonged to him━the pursuit of perfection━seeing how his efforts turn into something wonderful. Waiting patiently in hope that the fruit of his labor has been enough. He hoped that his creations would look as he expected.

However, this time life gave him a hand for which he was not prepared.

Noticing that everything was as before the catastrophe gave him happiness, but it couldn’t be real. A dream maybe. The desire to turn back time so that his mistakes do not take their toll. A dream without a doubt. Only this time he had no control. Time within this dimension moved slowly.

Timothy approached his beloved to see her one last time. He took advantage of the weakness of his mind to relive the past. There she was. She looked immaculate with her eyes closed. Hair covered a part of her face. It was impossible to be dreaming. He was sure that life was over. Even the pain of death was still in his memories.

Looking at his hands, he knew it wasn’t a dream. What else could it be?

Timothy quietly left the room. The rest of his house seemed as he remembered. Perhaps a cunning game of fate made him relive an unforgettable day.

The song of the birds caught his attention. Looking through the windows, he saw them. The old companions that came back day after day. Timothy opened the pantry door to get some seeds, and like every day, he fed them one last time.

It had to be a dream… everything was too perfect. Perhaps the accident that ended his life never happened. Perhaps repeating his routine was the experience he was meant to enjoy in paradise. Nothing helped him understand what was happening.

Timothy began to think that his misfortune had been a dream. This must be the real world. His routine… at that moment he heard his beloved waking up. He immediately went back to the room to see her. She was more beautiful than he remembered. One more day with her was everything he wanted. One more day repeating his routine. A day to look at those beautiful eyes.

As he got closer he noticed that she was intact. The marks of the accident had disappeared. Perhaps the memories of her were a lie. A game of his imagination to distance him from reality.

Timothy, like every day, approached his beloved to kiss her on the lips. She still hadn’t finished waking up. Talking about what was happening was useless. He decided to enjoy the present as if it was the last time he could.

It was time to look for his clothes to go out in search of the first rays of the sunlight. It was time to enjoy another day of life, even if it was the last time.

Ralato Corto

Fiction blogger—citizen of this beautiful planet, eternal lover of artistic creation and literature. Certain that the creative energy comes from nature.

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