What are the positive and negative sides of pride as a value?

Photo by Antony Trivet on Pexels.com

The pros and cons of having pride.

The cons: pride is a weakness that can be exploited by others for whatever ends they are seeking. If they wish to tear you down, they can ridicule that which you are proud of, belittling it and by extension, you. Or if they wish to manipulate you, they could, by building you up via your pride and then suggesting things that would suit them, specifically, that you should do because everyone would admire it. Putting your pride on display is putting your vulnerability on display, and something to be very careful about in mixed company.

The pros: pride is a natural by product of character and accomplishment in a person, and can be a secret source of strength and confidence, even in situations that may not be apparent to (most) others. Example- a person is sentenced to a few years prison time. How the fuck is that something to be proud of? The police, and district attorney put enormous pressure on this person to inform on someone else they know, or several people, all fellow drug users, by offering a pass for their offense of possessing, or even manufacturing drugs for personal use. This person chooses to do their time instead of sending others to prison in their place, taking the ‘easy way out’.

Another aspect of pride involves other people, friends or family members that have noteworthy accomplishments or are of exceptionally high character. In some ways this pride may be a bit misplaced because it isn’t directly a result of the person who feels it’s deeds. This it should be kept to oneself, or maybe in extraordinary circumstances, shared with the one who caused you to feel it… telling a friend or loved one “I am sincerely proud of you, man”. This is a little more on the ambiguous side, but I consider it a pro, because I think people who are noteworthy should always be recognized for it, particularly when they aren’t being compensated for it in other ways.

You Quorans who write helpful, heartfelt, and/or noteworthy answers, for example.

Pride is unmistakably a double edged sword. For my part, I believe there is a reason that we feel it, as human beings, and it shouldn’t be discouraged, but instead intelligently manifested.

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