Are hand made gifts a thing of the past?

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So every year people will inevitably ask me if i made Christmas presents instead of buying them. It’s something i think about a lot, as there is often this unfortunate mismatch between the way a handmade present is perceived, and the reality of a handmade present.

As i’ve previously mentioned – I much prefer to buy handmade items and make things myself. This year one of Birdie’s presents is this gorgeous handmade doll from Roving Ovine (i have epic love for Roving Ovine, super fan here – she’s on Instagram too if you want to know when new dolls are coming, and these are the dolls she made for Bunny and Buddy).

But sometimes I worry about taking this outside of my family.

My time is precious, and I have little free time – so making someone a gift by hand is a big deal. It’s a big freaking deal. I really care about it. I put a lot of thought, planning, resources and heart into. If i make you something it’s because i really REALLY care.

Unfortunately, I know from experience, that this is not always the way other people see your handmade gifts. Sometimes when you give someone a handmade gift they think you are cheap. Sometimes they may think you couldn’t be bothered spending money on them, couldn’t be bothered buying a “real present” from a “real store”. EWW HOMEMADE. It’s sad but in my experience, its true. It’s a perception mismatch.

And this is why i don’t often make handmade gifts for anyone other than my family, and a few very close friends. I just can’t see the point in putting so much effort and expense into things that will be perceived as junk. To be honest, it just breaks my heart.

So tell me – have you experienced the handmade present perception mismatch? Am i wrong? What are your thoughts on handmade presents? Are you giving handmade presents this year? Do you like receiving handmade presents? Tell me!

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