Why Self Adoration is Vital to Wellness

Photo by Amos Getanda on Pexels.com

By: Victoria Myers

As the e-book launches tomorrow (!!!), I want to discuss why we intentionally chose for self adoration to be the first, and largest, pillar. Because I think that honestly surprises people.

When we come to wellness, whether its to heal our bodies or just learn ways to feel our best on a daily basis, I don’t feel self adoration is discussed enough.

We can easily see how food, exercise and maybe a bit of stress and sleep discussed when it comes to healing and wellness. But as I’ve seen in my own life, and the lives of our clients at Nourishing Minds Nutrition, if we don’t come at wellness with self adoration and a partnership with our bodies, it can easily become another way to control, manipulate, obsess and try to perfect. (P.S. If you want to read more of my personal story on using self adoration and living instinctually to heal my health issues I discussed it here in the Facebook group this week).

I fear wellness has become the thing that allows us to continue disordered behaviors. Orthorexia, a true eating disorder where there is an extreme preoccupation with eating healthy so much that it impacts your life, is becoming more and more prevalent. (Note: Orthorexia is one of my specialties in our practice. If you are seeking help with this while healing health issues, I’d love to help!)

The reality is its only a psuedorecovery. The obsession and preoccupation with food still remains, just in another form. The truth is, wellness should always give you life, not take life experiences away from you. If wellness or trying to heal a health issue (like a digestion or hormonal issue) is impacting the way you live your daily life, I’d even argue that true healing will not be able to occur.

But the amazing thing is, when we partner with our bodies, when we chose to love and accept it and treat it with grace and kindness, true healing and true wellness can absolutely happen.

Without self adoration, which is unconditional self love & self acceptance, our actions are not coming from the right place. But with self adoration, our thoughts and our actions can manifest healing. They can show you what true wellness is.

Choosing to love my body, has been one of the most powerful actions I have ever made in making me feel my best and heal myself. It allowed me to discover my own version of wellness, and not try to conform to others. Now that I know that I can feel this amazing in my body, I can’t imagine living life any other way.

So if you are trying to figure out intuitive eating, or discover true wellness, or perhaps healing a health issue, I promise you self adoration needs to come first.

You are deserving and worthy of loving yourself. And if you need steps along the way to discover how to love yourself, I hope the e-book can help.

The e-book will be available starting tonight at midnight, for 14.95 for twenty four hours only, and then will increase to $24.95. If you purchase it within the first 7 days, you’ll also receive a free supplement recommendation handout. The e-book details the six pillars of wellness and how to live instinctually. Starting first (of course) with self adoration, and then stress management, sleep, movement, social connection and ends with steps to eat intuitively. I CANNOT WAIT for you to see it, I am so incredibly proud of it and I know Meg is as well. I’ll be sharing the link to purchase it in tomorrow’s blog post as well as all my social media channels.



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