Celebrating 300 in 365 days

Photo by KEREM KSLR on Pexels.com

Going through my stats I realized I was about to hit a milestone without realizing it. I had the fantasy that I could bring Hps back in a crazy time in the world plus changing the format from print to website. I would be doing it solo this time.

No team of passionate people to feed or get inspired by. Nor the same people who supported my concept of spreading positive inspiring people and their actions that brings thought and smiles to others who might not have known if it wasn’t for outlets like mine. Going through my own personal up’s and downs through

covid of all things and I managed to pull off 300 post in a year. I know I’ve made post about making achievements and acknowledging them so I’m taking that advice here today. I have to admit that knowing one post received over 2 MILLION VIEWS!!!! I am still in awe over the fact, that many people watched that video and liked it. So to know that people are paying attention and know that HPS exists and I’m doing this SOLO.

I still have a lot to work on, like finding new ways to get interviews that would fit with this website. I could say something about the negative but I will say that the negativity that I’ve received has definitely inspired me because now my new goal is to raise that 300 to 365 and knowing getting it to that number in a year is something to be proud of. I did something right and again

I want to say thank you for wanting more from this site and giving me the motivation to give it to you. I’m honored and excited that HPS is slowly growing its fanbase back along with new insights. If I could personally thank each person for each like or view of my work I would but I know I can do just that by continuing to find people and topics to make you hit that like or subscribe button. You humble me and remind me that I do have a purpose in this world and my little spec of a contribution grows every day and night. HPS is my baby and she’s almost ready to stand up by herself as I look on with a tear building from being so proud of her growth.

300….yes I did that!!!

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