New Series: Where are they now?

We catch up with past artists to see what they have been up to since they first came into HPS pages.

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If you have been following this blog in the past few months I have been showcasing past interviews and submissions from when the magazine was in paper form, so I wanted to try to catch up with as many people as I could to see what has become of them since their time with HPS. I hope you enjoy this first interview and the following interviews to come. Thanks again for stopping by!!!

Courtney Smith

Why the name change? What is it now?
My former stage name was “Aggravated,” but I changed it to Admonition because much of my poetry tends to warn people about using wisdom in daily life.  Besides, so many people were using the name Aggravated; it became more common than sunlight.

How do you think life has changed?
I have obviously gotten older, and I tend to maintain my health more than I did in previous years.  Plus, I have my own publishing business (Spiritscribe Publishing, LLC), and I am married.  My thinking is not primarily directed towards me.  I was never selfish, but I think more about others than myself.

How has your focus developed since 2013?
I realize I cannot be in more than one place at a time, so I need to manage my time and resources, accordingly.

What product have you been sharing with the public since 2013?
I have published two books of my own authorship: Trouble’s Always Watching: Volume 1; Trouble’s Always Watching Volume 2; and Scribing Genesis: Quickstart Writing for Beginners.  I have published and edited many books for various authors.

How have the changes in the world  affected your writing?
My writing tends to reflect more current events as well as ongoing social issues.

What is next that the public can enjoy from you?
I will be conducting more writing workshops and releasing more books and short stories.  The sky is the limit…

Open Mic!!!!
You can showcase your latest story here!

Hail to the King of Pop
By Courtney L. Smith

His coronation as the “King of Pop” by Elizabeth Taylor exceeded the word great.

He first appeared within Gary, Indiana’s steel industry on August 29, 1958.

He glided across the Chitterling Circuits’ floors with his brothers and no shame.

The Jackson Five opened for popular acts such as Gladys Knight and Etta James.

They eased down the Hollywood Walk of Fame, but luxury was not all they felt.

Sometimes, Michael’s and his brothers’ missteps caused them to taste Joe’s belt.

He perfected maneuvers and lifted his legs and defied the description clever.

His greatest demonstration occurred at Motown Yesterday, Today, and Forever.

He had some moments that could have caused his career to collapse and expire.

During the filming of a Pepsi commercial, his hair ignited and caught on fire.

However, he recovered and worked tirelessly as though nothing ever occurred.

Any reference to the incident would probably leave many people’s memories blurred.

“Billie Jean” debuted with the most popular dance anyone would ever see.

He perfected the moonwalk and vocalized issues of paternity on May 16, 1983.

The song resonated with men and women wrestling withparenthood in court.

One of the biggest issues today stems from the enactment of child support.

Frequently, pride and gangs get teenagers killed and leave parents and guardians defeated.

Michael let numerous, endangered adolescents know it is alright to “Beat It.”

Only Michael could bring style to dressing up as werewolves and dancing with the undead.

“Thriller” contains the best lyrics for horror in pop that were ever sung, performed, or read.

Other times, the media’s coverage about his strange habits left him extremely mad.

However, it did nothing to stop him from telling the whole, wide world “I’m Bad.”

Micheal did not deny he had any faults.  This next song made it quite clear.

He acknowledged all people could examine themselves and change with “The Man in The Mirror.”

The greatest scrutiny of Michael’s possessions was something the Paparazzi kept insisting.

In 1995, O.J. Simpson was not the only celebrity to have one of his gloves missing.

He endured scrutiny from every conceivable angle.  He could not even get peace at home.

Is it really any wonder one of Michael Jackson’s most popular songs was “Leave Me Alone”?

In the midst of many accusations of sexual misconduct, his consequences were legally minimal.

Micheal’s acquittal of all charges permitted him to leave the courthouse like a “Smooth Criminal.”

He never allowed his personal torments to ignore the prisons othershad to endure or bear.

The King of Pop encouraged others to “Heal the World” as he showed everyone somebody cared.

He produced a work acknowledging racial injustice, apartheid, oppression, and global distrust.

Michael did not stutter or stammer when he performed “They Don’t Really Care About Us.”

The introductions for his videos were like cinematic productionswith opening credits to match.

Any viewers’ hopes of getting through the videos quickly wereeliminated and quickly dispatched.

He often fulfilled childlike aspirations and shared the name of his home with that of Peter Pan.

It was no wonder he and many children enjoyed themselves in the amusement of Neverland.

The King of Pop definitely left his mark upon the world and departed it in a style that was bold.

On September 3, 2009, he was laid to rest as 17,000 in attendance witnessed his casket of gold.

He permanently influenced pop culture and changed music forever with his talent for all to see.

He will always be appreciated and never fully duplicated with the most authentic style of eternity.

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