Reaching Milestones

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Yesterday I reached a couple of personal milestones and it had me thinking about Milestones in general. For me healthwise I didn’t see myself growing up to make it to 19 so when I did I made a promise to myself that every year I would find a way to celebrate that milestone, and for me that’s baking. So I bake cakes for others to eat as my form of celebrating. Yesterday I made 49 and reflecting what all I went through to get to that number made me take a seat because looking back it was a LOT. Making it past unthought fears and situations and prognosis had this woman a tad bit shell shocked to say the least but I got through them. Another smell of success. That’s just a part of life as we get older. Learning and coping with change. See, I grew up believing in a saying.


Things happen for a reason, so figure out if it is about you or to help guide you. just like a bad period is it just another bad or joyful season? If your favorite season is winter, why do you go through summer? To appreciate winter duh. That phase has helped me throughout my life and it never fails to be relevant with whatever I go through as my days pass on. I thought I would share that with you all. The other milestone is the magazine.

Knowing I was going to get a lot of resistance to continue to grow the magazine and make it more updated and reachable was going to be a challenge to say the least. Past supporters turned into just that….past supporters. I knew just like back then that I would have to prove myself to the public but also to myself that I could do this. I knew that there wouldn’t be any quick success or trust for yet another unknown website. But I slowly got my stride with every interview I was granted, an article or poetry from an artist that had blind faith in me. As I continue to grow I realize that is a major milestone and I don’t take it lightly because I wouldn’t trust just anyone with my own work. Sure I would love to make a profit from the website but I know that has to be proven that it’s worth the value. So that is my next milestone I’m reaching for. To ensure that the website and the people who trust it that they are valuable….That their work is valuable…the time is valuable and in a sense I am valuable because there is no logo for hps because hps is me.

That’s why there’s a picture of me because I’m putting myself out there for criticism and critics and rejections. But the main objective is worth it and that’s feeling fulfilled with what I’m doing and that’s celebrating/showing others. which if you think about it when you celebrate a loved one you feel the feeling I get when I post an interview or showcase someone’s work. So there’s a little perspective for you lol. What’s next I don’t know but I can’t wait to achieve it.

One thought on “Reaching Milestones

  1. HELLO! Yes gf! Thank you for sharing of yourself with us and on your birthday. Happy 49th birthday! We are going to make it, one day one step at a time. One celebration, one challenge at a time. ❤️❤️🌺

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