Is there trust in a relationship within Mainstream and Black Culture

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Trust in any relationship is necessary and important for it to be a good one. Trust assured reliance on the character, ability, strength or truth of someone, one in which confidence is placed, dependence on something in the future– Webster dictionary 10th ed. Does mainstream culture promote and encourage TRUST among Black females and Black males? Looking at the images in mainstream culture suggest it doesn’t. black females– big, overweight, male hating, angry, etc. Black males– worthless, jobless, players, etc. mainstream economically– encourage high unemployment, poor education, high prison rates among black males, single parent, 2-ism info fill quotas, higher education among black females all of the above doesn’t encourage trust.

Black culture encouraged and promoted 2 family households, high employment among both, stable families, etc. at least in the past and among some blacks in the present. So yes there can and should be trust. But both has to work toward that goal. Use positive examples– the president and his wife. Bill Cosby and his, the couple across the street, the sister and the brother dating. Refuse to support any group including black ones that doesn’t encourage and help both main- stream (Black female and males) work toward trust. Ending relationships with people, be they family member s, friends, etc. that works against developing that trust. Asking ourselves the important question? Are we trust worthy? We must be honest with ourselves. Trustworthy people have trust worthy relationships. We must do the things necessary, keep our word, build our character, change our negative ways, etc. Will it be difficult? Yes, it is and will continue to be. The force against the black females and males developing, having trust is great. Using examples of the past, present, of the future black females and black males having trust suggest success. We are the ones making the choice to trust or not to trust. No one else. Its our choice. For those who chose to find work and do the things necessary to have trusting relationships you have my prayers, support and encouragement. And my thanks, because when I see you, you encourage me and mine. For those who chose not to…you get what you really want.

By; W.S.

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