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Life Story”
By: Tee Merriweather

My hearts description is a painful prescription,
I’ll tell you a story, that will end with a lesson.
I was born a bastard, bet you didn’t know, That I was hated by family, as this
story goes on.
My life was the hardest, emotionally scared,
Mentally bothered why is life so hard? Wasn’t considered a blessing, people
hated me!
Picked, kicked, and spit on by my enemies. I was a rolling stone, no place to
call my home,
Where was the love? Why was I left alone? Moved around from house to
house, the forgotten one, no one knew about. Used to wet the bed, because I
was so scared, of a man who wasn’t my daddy, messed with my head. Mama,
where is my daddy, I just cut up my knee,
I don’t want him here, I want my daddy please! Let us move on to trailer park
living was cool, a childhood
that I thought was so simple. Kevin, my only friend at a time we both had, single
mothers addicted to drugs it was bad. No pops around, we both stayed down,
rock n roll
all summer long, we ran around! Moved on up and into high school, my first
crush, my first boo, I’ll always
remember you! Left the trailer park, back across the city, moved in with my
aunt, feeling real shitty.
There were opportunities my mama couldn’t see, one step away from making
the b-ball team! Nevertheless I’m
headed backwards bound,

becoming a menace to society, made it to Upward Bound. Gotta thank you for
everything you did, you made me realize I was acting like a kid. She once said
something to get me thinking, had me looking at myself re-evaluating. Hold your
head up and keep your eyes open!
Life will pass you by looking at the ground! FOCUS! Now I’m 18, yet still high

school, causing mischief thinking it was so cool! I was the bigger fool for not us-
ing the my tool, between my shoulders, I guess I forgot the rules. Then my

grandpa passed and it messed me up, chip on my shoulder, life was so tough!
Granny held me down, helped me push
through, forever my lady I will never forget you! I got myself a job, time to help
out, mama’s got it hard out here with no spouse! That was back in 92, no one
really knew, the challenges and the pain
that I was going thru! Mentally drained from the pain embedded in my brain, life

was not the same, felt that I was the blame! “Life is a test many quest the uni-
verse, and thru my research I felt the joy

and the hurt! The first shall be last and the last shall be first! The Basic Instruc-
tions Before Leaving Earth!” You were my sunshine, closet person to me, my

Erykah Badu who opened my eyes wide enough to see! We were together thru
stormy weather, we were like RUN-DMC
tougher than leather! You were my best friend! Somehow we lost touch, now I
can only imagine! You were the one that got me thinking with that question, and
then you hit me something that had me really second guessing. If you had to
give your last breath, to me or your sister,
it would have been a hard decision, yet. I didn’t tell you that later on I cried, you
had me feeling like I died inside! I will always
hold those memories of you so very close, you gave me the
fire that I needed most!

“The Enemy Within” by: Sky

I am a victim of my own sins
either life or death so I have to win
but how do I defeat an enemy I can’t see
how can I defeat the enemy inside of me
he knows me like a book from front to back
killing all of my strategies with a single attack

how do I beat the enemy who knows me best
an enemy that haunts me while I try to rest
what is it that he wants from me
what is it that he seeks
why is my enemy inside of me

an enemy that wages war against me from within
an enemy that torments me over and over again
strikes that feel like an icy wind
what will it take to feel warm again
a war in a storm that is what is being fought
my enemy taunts me even in my thoughts
some call it curse some say that it is karma
my enemy is causing me the worst trauma
the war wages on even until this day
answer this does your enemy attack this way

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