Photo by Eric Esma on Pexels.com

Just Thinking

Thinking of the nights we would spend
if we were more than just friends
Your hands around my waist
your nose in my hair
Your breath on the back of my neck
while your hands caress my breasts
my nipples reaching for your finger tips
then waiting for your lips
Softly you say things to me
But I can’t hear
Your love is loud
and I can’t turn the bass down
and it gets harder to breath
and sometimes I can’t see
I have to ask myself is it getting hot in here?
And then my nose detects your essence
And Then I inhale the scent of you
And I am brought back to this reality
without you – breathing you
Inhaling exhaling
drowning in your touch

kissing your lips to keep my lungs blown up
Inhaling taking short sips
To savor you like dark chocolate

Is my wish

making love over and over again
My Love …. Ohhh how I miss HIM

A. Marie

Exgirlfriend Blues
Rewinding memories of you
Good times & bad times
The wish i had times…
Lonely nights with you…
Stuck in a different reality right next to you.
Wondering why she gets the best of you.
And who left who last time
Ex girlfriend blues
Rewinding memories of you
Like that time you touched my spine
and whispered to me
let me hit that one last time
And the taste of your lips on my waist
The way you held my hand
and made the earth shake
Hearts beating
Windows steamy

And you ask me to wipe the sweat off of your face…..

Ex girlfriend blues
Rewinding memories of you
Like tattooed skin
The memories float to the surface
from deep within..
Like scents on the wind
And suddenly I miss him all over

Ami Brown –

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