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Something About Purpose

                 Until we share our deepest fears or strongest desires we are mere shells of ourselves. Maybe the day will come when we talk of our innermost wants but today is not that day. At this particular juncture the theme is purpose. How many times have we sat thinking vision clear, target acquired; then someone we love, someone we trusted with our being told us – no, not that. Your goals are too high. What if you fail. Then began to tell of others they were acquainted with who suffered from falls similar to the one they have already predicted for us. This could be their version of  the protective shield of love they covered us in. Reminiscent of plastic on sofa’s to keep them stainless. We all know whether used or unused time has a way of leaving its mark.

I prefer sometimes to use analogies: Let’s say I’m walking toward my given destination and the road less taken is now covered by a baseball field? I would rather not play games, so I walk the trail still slightly marked if you look hard enough. Long before I reach the diamond it seems no one has traveled this way since the mighty oaks were young. As I stroll aimlessly across the diamond there is a pick up baseball game. In my approach everyone begins to yell go to first! Hey! Go to first! I look around knowing all the while I’m not playing, so what do I do. Normally if not focused I would listen to the cry of the masses and take first base leaving my destiny unattainable. I on the other hand always hope I could be the one to yell back. This trail was here before the diamond….. I’m just passing through! I can’t afford to lose my place again! and continue with my forward progress.

Here we are members of everything streaming; MySpace, Twitter, You Tube, Facebook, Tagg, Mingle City, Reverb Nation, Black Planet, Linked In, Instagram, every Greet-Up and Meet-Up internet site our friends send us links to. I have to believe you are here

with the same purpose I wear like loose gloves, hoping to somehow by accident or osmosis find a way to propel my dreams higher than I could toss them myself. This is the place. Right here and now, not a second early or a minute late I believe we were meant to be at this time. Together we possess the ability not to do the same as other individuals but so much more. We only have a small window to make up our minds if we are a group, a unit or to remain on this journey alone. I must admit I can’t do it on my own. I need everyone who ever closed one eye to get a better look at a dream only they were able to see. Maybe you are not yet a believer, don’t worry as we grow; we all enter the realm of understanding that nothing beats a failure but a try. So help me to help you and together we can make this vision of a united Family of Artist a formidable force in what ever area you live in. Not just for slam or open mics all performance venues, including all forms of the art.

I thank you for reading, if  you are surly like me wanting this to be more than a mere stop in our never ending search for purpose. We may not be in control of much, but we do control our mouse clicks. Each and every one of us is just one click away from being noticed. The world wide web has endowed us with the marketability to reach a global audience. We possess the power to move past the usual circles we run in just by clicking. There are enough television shows depicting the funny and the senseless. Their usual occurrence of a million hits on YouTube, and hundreds of thousands of like clicks has me baffled. While the conscious videos never have many viewers at all. We can change this or rather we have to change this. There is something about purpose making me understand we have no option but to. There is something about the way we sound as we move forward, soldieristically marching, giving us motivation, energy and strength to keep going.  The sound of progress has only one motion………  forward ONLY.

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