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I am beauty, I am strength, and I am intellect.
I am love, I am charisma, and I am joy.
Why because I am a beautiful black woman…
Not because of my full luscious lips.
And not because of my full thick hips.
And not because of my nice thick thighs.
All of which I get loud sighs from brothas longing to

touch every part of me.

Why because I am a beautiful black woman…
Oh how I wish for my strong, black brothas to want to

touch the very essence of me.

Me the strong, yet gentle woman of African Descent.
Yes even we long to have our intellect acknowledge
our strength tamed, and our love accepted.
Why because we are beautiful black women…
Take your place black women there is no one like us.

Marion Hollins –

I Cry A Little Inside

I cry a little inside
considering the bigotry
the positioning – the misguided thinking
tearing us away from our humanity
grown ups – grandparents
aunties and uncles, moms and dads alike
dumbfounded by their participation
in perpetuating lies – racism
thinking “I am better than you”
because our skin tones are different
our eyes shaped different
our bodies shaped different
its like titanium walls
built so high
to keep “those” people away
to keep “those” people out
“I am civilized” they cry
elevating themselves to some level of divinity
non existent in any holy creed I read
Racism – throws humility off the friggin cliff
lets talk alps steep
distancing oneself from another
from some notion based in deceipt
when you were three years old
you played together easily
rifts form; dissension
not because children can’t forgive
no…. hatred is bred incessantly
an evil pattern
hardly cringed upon
yet it carries the same weight and destruction
as your uncle molesting your daughter
some pink elephant in the room
grown ups refuse to acknowledge
all the while, children feel the divide
hatred is something you can’t hide
I cry a river inside.

-heather parker –

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