Photo by Papa Yaw on Pexels.com

Storm Racers by: Karmel

The storm was the music used for their dance

The shaking from the thunder only served to enhance

The vibrations they were caus ing as they moved together

This was the reason that they loved this type of weather

No need for candles as the lighting flashed all around

No need to be quiet because the thunder masked the sounds

While the storm intimidated some and had others afraid

They were like two kids who freely played

They played in the bed they played on the floor

The strength of the storm made them want to play more

He was hungry for a meal that only she could provide

He was the only horse around for her to ride

As long as the rain continued falling

He made sure that his name she was calling

And she returned the favor as they tossed and turned

Using every single thing that she had ever learned

About how to please h while trying new things

Loving the freedom that the storms always bring

Moans and screams scratches and sweat

This would be a storm they wouldn’t soon forget

As the wind quieted and the drops began to slow

They moved back to the bed for their final crescendo

As the storm was ending so were they

Covered in salty rain together they lay

Satisfied for the moment shaking yet warm

Already thinking of the next time they could race a storm

Mojados by: Eric H. Allen

laying at the edge of the beach

Where water blends with sand

At the precise point of…

Mutual orgasms

Liquids consume us

Like blankets

Then disappear

As the tide de-constricts

Like vertebrate

Back into infinite ocean

Mojados mojados mojados

Wet all over

As your coast trembles

I lick your sea salty nips…

The skin pricks

From your nails

Refocus my stride

Just as the incoming

tide Rushes us again

Yet settles

Our bodies imprint

Upon sand like monuments

Estamos Mojados…. Mojados… Mojados

We become islands

Surrounded in replenish-able


As I continue to fill you At half mast

It is your pools

That sooth me

While gazing

deeper into your puddles

You penetrate me

Subtly with words that mature

Softly requesting more

Placing your hands

Between you and I

As water cleanse us

It is we that bless the oceans

As our tide Now drifts out to sea I see the you in we…

Kissing liquid mental’s

Mojados Mojados Mojados

Our continents Now liquefy in love

Maneuvers exercise

Defined restraint

As one sensually Breathing as we…

Caught in coves of Bless’d bliss

So deepest

That I have become you

Touched by your inner most pearl

She fondles my tip With unlit abyss pressure less…

Estamos Mojados…. Mojados…Mojados… Mojados… Mojados

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