Photo by Suzy Hazelwood on Pexels.com


May your souls be forever intertwined
An ageless love grows like a rose vine
A foundation built on love alone
Together once again, the heavens you can rome
He was called home first to find a place
Never leaving your side, you were kept in good
As he watched over you, always keeping you safe
Knowing one day that you would take your place

Beside your king as his queen to lay the foundation

For your family to return, a written manifestation
Though it was hard seeing you leave us all alone
We know that one day, we will soon return home
Our tears of grief are only momentary
As life goes on, I’ll admit it gets kind of scary
That we will be called home to see you all again
We live in your memories which will never end….
By… Tee Merriweather

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