Haiku Love

Photo by Suzy Hazelwood on Pexels.com

HAIKU’S By: Kenneth White

#1 I am just a kid

who keeps tugging on Christ’s robe

asking dumb questions

#2 I scribble haiku’s

on autumn leaves and share them

with the waiting winds.

#3 Sometimes I would trade

each poem for a chance to know

the right words to say.

#4 we curse each other

for skin colors and praise God

Who painted us all.

#5 Sometimes the best way

to show love for poetry

is to treat it like dirt.

#6 Somewhere there’s a mic

I caressed and kissed tonight,

echoing my name.

#7 Confidence was born

the night that sick and tired

got into a fight.

#8 If one more prophet

predicts the date of doomsday,

make him put up cash.

#9 Being a teacher 

means trying to school someone

who knows everything.

#10 It is possible

for someone to know the book

and not the Author.

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