Photo by Suzy Hazelwood on Pexels.com

“Dressed Up”

God says that he dresses the flowers that only last but for a short time, and we are much more than the flowers…

so will he not adorn us in beauty as well? So why do we keep trying to dress ourselves…with misleading charm, deceit, promiscuity, and a bunch of non-virtues that taint the image of a woman, and conceal who we really are,

who God created us to be. He looks to us in disappointment, asking why we ever felt like his wardrobe for us wasn’t good enough. He dressed us in virtue and we replaced it with foolishness, he dressed us in righteousness and we replaced it with wretchedness, he dressed us in beauty and we replaced it with

unwarranted insecurity..It’s like we’ve taken off our value and replaced it with nothingness, and we compensate by seeking power through seduction and manipulation, letting Satan transform our hearts to favor that of Jezebel’s…like we’re naked in the garden of Eden like Eve, all of the worst parts of us, tattooed to our souls by this world, exposed with a bad attempt to cover them up with makeup, jewelry,

and fancy clothes. How could we look in the mirror and like what we see, yet hate what we’ve become…we move so fast, we have no time for healing, and so we settle in concealing our blemishes with self-justification, denial, and a disposition of defensiveness…But God can see us #nofilter. And yet he STILL loves us. When will we come back to him and let him adorn us once again with his grace

and the beauty that only he gives…from the inside out. Healing all the scars that we seek to cover and giving us no more reason to hide. Clothing us with strength and dignity…striding in wisdom, raising our spirits higher than the heels we walk in. With confidence in him, rather than in our ever-wardrobe-changing, malfunctioning selves. Giving us stability so that we can continue to

walk with him and stop falling to our faces in self-afflicted pain.  Crowned with God’s beauty and ravishing in his treasures. The world’s beauty is fleeting and temporary; God’s beauty brings honor and is everlasting. What will you allow to adorn you?

By: Tori K

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