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Free Fall

I know that you’re scared
Silently wondering what would happen if you just let go
Released your grip on all your pride and insecurities and fell into my arms
You want to know if I’ll catch you
And honestly, no I won’t
I’d rather free fall with you
Forgetting all the forces trying to bring us down,
And focusing on the ones attracting us to each other
I want to hold you close enough to feel the butterflies panicking in your stomach
And whisper secrets in your ear soothing enough to make their wings stand still
I want you to look into my eyes and forget the ground is beckoning us
Then close yours as my lips touch your skin
The sound of the wind rushing passed us blocked out by the sound of our breathing
Hearts racing from the heat of passion instead of fear as we brace for impact
Don’t release me until we hit the surface
And if I roll over to find you’re not awake, I’ll resuscitate you with a kiss
Then take you back into the sky so we can fall all over again
Or maybe I’ll roll you over onto my chest and let my heart sing you lullabies as you sleep
Either way I’ll still be here when you wake
I promise not to leave your bed emptier than I found it
If you swear not to forget me in the morning
Don’t regret me when it’s done

I don’t want to be your mistake
I wanna be your release
I’m only here because you need me, and I’ll be gone when you don’t
Just don’t reject me out of fear of what tomorrow will bring
I’m the only dream that will still be here when you open your eyes

By: Brandi Demars

Misery Needs Company

I always knew that love was a waste of time
You promise someone forever then you change your mind
You break your own heart and call it fate
Then go right back again and make the same mistake
I can see the pain in your face as I look into your eyes
Staring intently as if I could count every goodbye
And there’s an attraction here between us that you can’t deny
I can’t alleviate the pain but I can pacify
Baby let me be your addiction I swear I can ease the pain
I want to be the chemicals that course through your veins
Let’s get high off of these toxic embraces we share
Inhaling this passion like fumes in the air
Love and pain are synonymous so let’s just thrive on desire
Igniting the flames in our eyes with passion burning like fire
With trembling hands caressing each other cautiously
Trying to keep our souls from intertwining and entangling between these bed sheets
I’ll be your temporary savior, let me be your heroine
I’ll make you forget the hurt, and take you higher than you’ve ever been
Let me be your pain killer, when you need to be alleviated
I’ll make your troubles disappear and leave you inebriated
Let’s get strung out on each other, I’ve got the fix you need
Let me infiltrate the chemicals in your brain so all you think about is me
I want to be your latest obsession, a morbid infatuation

The toxicity of our passion, inducing blissful sensations
I’ll be your silent suicide, your slow spiral into destruction
Come be my martyr, I’ll kill you softly and comfort you with seduction
I want to be wrong for you in all the right ways
A saccharine flavored poison, sweet to the taste
Planting cocaine kisses on lithium lips
We soar high above our problems on these acid trips
Which we take away from our lives and into one another
Each time the rush is daring us to go further
See I’m married to danger but still in love with misery
Had an affair with loneliness but it’s never really good company
So I spend my nights with you and wake up to insecurity
And waste my days hiding from regret in the arms of denial because she comforts me
And I just need you to be my latest disaster in my compilation of current mistakes
Because temporary highs are the only things I know that can take the pain away
Let’s be hopeless together, and drown ourselves in misery
Unlike love she won’t forget us, and leave us longing for what used to be
See love is good for optimism but will never get you far
Because all good things come to an end, but evils always die hard

By: Brandi Demars

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