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May your souls be forever intertwined
An ageless love grows like a rose vine
A foundation built on love alone
Together once again, the heavens you can rome
He was called home first to find a place
Never leaving your side, you were kept in good
As he watched over you, always keeping you safe
Knowing one day that you would take your place

Beside your king as his queen to lay the founda-

For your family to return, a written manifestation
Though it was hard seeing you leave us all alone
We know that one day, we will soon return home
Our tears of grief are only momentary
As life goes on, I’ll admit it gets kind of scary
That we will be called home to see you all again
We live in your memories which will never end….
By… Tee Merriweather

The Kiss by: Karmel

He touched me
Held me
His lips caressed mine
Arms enveloped
me from behind
So I turned
To give him full access
Craving so much more than
a simple caress
So he kissed me
It started as a
flutter across my lips
His tongue darting
out taking little licks
Obviously he liked the taste
Because his tongue became a key
That easily unlocked me
I lost all thought of time
Forgot where I was and why
Nothing existed except he and I
His lips never left me
but my clothes did
No part of me from him was hid
From my lips he
slowly made his way south
Generous and attentive
He lingered over every part

I swear he was trying to taste my heart
The way he kissed my breasts
He could’ve stopped there and
I would’ve been satisfied
He was the moon controlling my tide
My waters rose and fell to
the rhythm of his lips
He moved lower at a leisurely pace
Ignoring my pleas to please
He mumbled this isn’t a race
Taking slow laps around my navel
He saturated my sheets
Had me panting like a dog in heat
And his lips had still not left my body
This was still the same kiss
From lips neck to navel not
one spot had he missed
He finally found his way to my lower lips
I wanted to run but he gripped my hips
And drank like a man dying of thirst
I wanted to tap out but this was only the first
There would be plenty more
He drowned my kitten and made my body
On currents of unexplainable bliss
I get weak every time I think of that kiss


I see love and pain in your brown eyes ,I see the bit-
ter and the sweet, I see the world in your eyes, I

see the future and a roller coaster ride of emotions,
I see a clear vision of tears flowing of happiness
and sadness,
Is that life as we know it and really not knowing
what’s going to happen next shapes our destiny,
Your eyes speak to me and tell me that you don’t
want to hurt no more and
that you don’t want to feel pain and that you don’t
trust anymore, Your eyes, Your eyes, I love them for
being so honest to my eyes,
As I see tears forming on your lashes ,I wiped them
away with my strong hands and told you with my
eyes, That you will be loved now ,You will be safe
now, You will be loved now, Because its our eyes
now !

Tavis © 10/25/2011

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