Korey Crumpe( 2013)

Location Houston, TX
Talents: writer, poet, spoken word artist, comic, play writer,
songwriter, motivational speaker, quot writer, actor, author, and manager.
Achievements: 9 Time SWAC champ in outdoor track, cross country, indoor track. Southern University of Baton Rouge class of 2005. I have a Journalism Degree and Minor in History.
Goals: To reach the world with positive thinking, and teach others to create ways to be better. i will do this
by writing, speaking, acting, teaching, comedy, poems, quotes, and more.
Motivation: I am motivated by many people throughout history. My biggest motivation comes from wanting to see a change in the world and know it is going to come with hard work and faith in God and I want to be
part of that.

Why a book?

The book was a must and is long overdue. I have people who have been waiting a few
years for it. The book is not just for me but for the world to open up their mind and think while creating new
ways to b a better person. There will be two books out this year. The 1st one is a book of poetry and
quotes call sunglasses in the rain. The 2nd book will be out in December .

How did you get started with your other projects?

Well I got started in comedy because people kept calling me a comedian. So I gave it a shot. The speaking came by a Coach T asking me to talk to some kids while I was in college and I loved it so I kept it up and more people came my way. The spoken word came because I enjoy writing poetry and I love hitting the stage so that was a no brainer.

Why combine your passions instead of keeping them separate?

I had to combine them together to give people a full show plus jokes, and knowledge at the same time. Spoken word, comedy, quotes, book signing, acting skits, singing, and more.

Your known for helping others as well who are you showing support to right now & why?

Chad Howard is a up and coming Gospel artist for Elijah’s Mantle Music Group. He is a good guy who loves God and soon the world will know him. Vivian brown Lewis author of the book DIVINED MOTIVATIONAL MINISTRIES a very good uplifting book. She is sign with One Touch Production . Rodney Warner A One Touch Production artist also. Bishop Nathaniel Stampley my uncle who is the President/Senior
Bishop at Least of These International Ministries and Pastor at Heritage International Ministries COGIC. He have several books out. Author Dorothy Sells Clover author of the book cornucopia. And I support you. Korey Crumpe

How do you think the arts can help the youth of today if it was in schools like it was back in the day?

It would help them in so many ways. Spoken words is a great way to express yourself without being told how to do so. The kids today in many case are not given the chances to be creative like we was. Now a days everything is time and on paper for the kids and the video games and phones.

How does traveling keep you from losing focus when it comes to your writing?

Well traveling open up my eyes and mind in new ways by seeing new things and meeting new people. The joy of creating can expand when you are introduced to different people and places.

If you had the chance to put 4 authors into every school system who would they be? What type of work & why?

Well I would tell them to be yourself, have your own style, and compare yourself to know one. Then last I would tell
them to have fun and enjoy the moment. This is for comedy and spoken word.

When did you start writing poetry?

I started writing poetry at the age of 16 and found my 2nd love because food was my 1st.

What advise would you give a virgin to the mic?

I would tell them to speak clear, take your time, be yourself, enjoy the moment. if you mess up keep going no one knows your poem but you so keep moving along play it off.

Where do you see poetry in general in the next 5 years?

I see it growing even bigger then people on the outside and in the poetry seen could ever dream it could be. tv, radio, more mainstream mags, and maybe its own network.

What type of work do you think you are more known for?

I am most know for my breaking down things and making anyone who is around understand the lesson. I am a teacher who writes and talk, at the end of the day. so I do this threw writing, spoken word, speaking, comedy, and more.

If you could create a book of poetry working with every inspirational person that means a lot to you who would they be & what type of poetry would you do with each one?

My uncle Nate for sure would be number one he has touch my life and so many ways more then anyone would ever know. I tribute poem. next my parent a love poem, my real dad a life lesson poem, he taught me a lot about himself and me even though I grew up out the house from him.

Contact Kory Crump at…..wisewords82@yahoo.com, http://www.facebook/wise-words, wisewords82@twitter.com

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