This is a series of poems from a poet’s therapy session with a pen, paper and a mic

Photo by Eric Esma on Pexels.com

The morning after


Help me get the scent off me

Water won’t do it, because it won’t reach my brain!!!

What happened to me last night?

Why did that happen?

What did I say?

What did I not say?

Was it my clothes?

My makeup?

My attitude?

The sun rises

The sky is bright of blues and whites

But, I can’t see the brightness through the tears

My body aching but still numb

Brain confused

Heart destroyed and my

Mind won’t let me forget last night

I have bruises in area’s I would never let an unloved one see, let alone touch.

Throbbing pain yet hoping no praying I left more marks on him than what was given to me

But still knowing I got it worse.

Because it’s the morning after 

God willing no one can see what was done if I cover myself up right

By: Lady D

 Momma’s pride and joy

Is tearing away her clothes or holding a gun to her head just to get off what makes you more desirable?

Do you think taking away a woman’s dignity and trust is what makes you a man?

Does raping women make your momma proud???

Our spirits & minds are changed & will never be the same

You leave us in fear to leave our homes or to believe the next guy that comes out way

Your momma must be so happy,

She put something on this Earth that wants to destroy her sex!

Crush our spirits…kill our souls all because you can’t control or handle us!

Your momma SHOULD be proud!!!

She brought up a determined man.

Not afraid to go after what he wants!

But little does she know

He loves to hate & rape

He doesn’t want to put in the effort to be liked by us

No see willingly is a turn off,

see he prefers to take because it’s way too much fun to watch us cry in fear

He likes to see the struggle, feel the fight hoping we give up and just pretend he’s that prince charming instead of the horror from what happened that night.

Looking into his momma’s eyes saying “I had a GREAT night!”

When she asked where did you go? 

Because she saw a hate crime on TV and was worried about her baby!

Saying how sad she feels for that girl’s mother trying to find a way to console her daughter’s pain

But little does she know, you caused her pain & it’s your hatred the TV showing across town because she doesn’t know you already went through her neighborhood!

                One Question?

Does this makes your momma          


BY: Lady D

Wicked faith

Bible study was a bright light in my day until you came

Told to trust you and I believed you & others that there was nothing wrong with you.

My mind wouldn’t allow me to accept that this is what God wanted.

That I deserve it on holy grounds

The evil that was next to me and all I could hear was God yelling

“my child think!?!”

Smart wit made the event a sad story to tell but a story I lived through to warn others of people like you

Pastor son with the gun

Always wondered why me, till the mutual friend says he has had a crush on you for years…. but I didn’t think he show you that way???

I new he changed but I forgot to tell you when I left you with him. Opps my bad.

Mathew, Peter, Paul where are you all???

It feels like you all just walked away. 

Years pass yet it stays with me how I’m the sin? I’m the evil that made him disgrace the church….. I’m the one who told the truth and for that I got cast as the demon.

God will never forgive you!

Heavens doors will be shackled shut in front of you!

Oooh what a beautiful faith I have

To know humans words are not what I believe but yet can’t lie and say it didn’t hurt me.

But I grew up happily nevertheless

With people who do there best to remind me that faith isn’t wicked but loving, honest & understanding.

My faith never broken just scared.

It took one man to remind me that God loves you through good and bad. Helps you get through the sadness and smiles with you in happiness.

One day I will tell my friend how God placed him in my life and why he was his reminder to me to see.

He’s still there and it’s ok to go back. Just breathe and remember I’m not alone and he has others besides himself watching over me.

No anger 

No tears 

Just the last steps to moving on from wicked faith

By: Lady D

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