Photo by Suzy Hazelwood on Pexels.com

– Acoustic Tribute

H e and I engage in a kiss, Prince plays in the back ground

E motional build up reaching its peak

S weet nothings and so much more – he whispers in my ear,

E xcites me from my toes to my inner thighs

D elivery is his masterpiece

U ncrontrollable is how I feel, yes he motivates me, and I

C omply with the movements he supplies

E argasms, orgasms, mo’ and mo’ gasms…. please

S team ain’t got nothin’ on me and him, we

M agnetize the room…as we attract and repel, give room to breathe…

E cstasy occurs whenever he seduces me.

heather parker

DJ Love

The record spun in time with the turn tables

He spit lyrics in my ear stimulating my mental

Energy transfers on oversized stereo vibes

See this man… has skills beyond Greek mythology

Ear plugs won’t stop his seduction

I’m doomed like sea men listening to sirens

My imagination is five dimensional

He and I can meet on the dance floor or somewhere galactical

Eyes locked while his fingers massage the vinyl

Teasing my neurons with his instrumental

Body temperatures rising, dance floor crowded like a shopping spree

Doesn’t really matter,

when the DJ is the only one you see.

– heather parker-

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