Brown Sugar Cafe & Books


5330 Fry Rd

Katy Tx, 77449

Suit J


Wed-Friday 7am-7 pm
Sat-Sunday 9am-7pm
Closed: Mon-Tuesday

Contact us at

(346) 377-6028 

(214) 241-4933

Brown Sugar Café & Books.
An Upscale Urban Book Store.

Often times, I find that in some communities many of “US”  African Americans have been left unsupported & disconnected right in the very neighborhoods where we live especially when it comes to literature.

Respectfully, brown sugar will be that place where many can come and get to feel… Seen, heard  & most importantly at Home! I want brown sugar bookstore to feel like HOME to those who need a reminder from time to time, like myself.

Brown Sugar Café’ & Books is way more than Coffee & good reads! 

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