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Days of Beauty

by Roshanda Johnson on May 31, 2011

 Days of Beauty

He was working out

Sweat glistening

Shiny black

Like a brand new pair of Mary Janes

I knew that he was too complex for ordinary game

No need to ask him what he went by

‘Cause Beauty had to be his name

That was day one

And ever since I been beyond

Just strung out

I’m roped up chained and bound

And being tossed about

In a sea of beauty that’s no doubt

Deeper than any I’ve ever known

Day two

I saw him sitting by the telephones

In the lower level of the UC

I walked by hoping he would notice me

And guess what

He didn’t

He was too wrapped up in this book about the hidden

Secrets of the pyramids

So guess what I did

Stood there and fell in love all over again

With his wavy hair and angelic eyes

And when something inside those pages

Made him smile

My heart jumped

Like it was entering a game of Double Dutch

Beauty of his caliber was far too much

For me to analyze

So day two I just stood there paralyzed

Day three

He was making photocopies in the library

And when I saw him from behind

I knew it wasn’t the time

To let him slip away

So I accidentally bumped into him

And before I got the chance to say

Excuse me

He turned to me and said

It’s Lady, isn’t it?

We have the same class

Art 3302

I smiled How is it that you know me

And I don’t know you

He said Every time I get the nerve to speak

I turn around and you’re about to leave

Besides I figured a girl like you wouldn’t notice a guy like me

Formal introduction

I’m Roshanda

And you

You’re my destiny

Day Four

I knew that it was my soul’s duty

To trek around the campus

In search of Beauty

So we could make that exchange of phone numbers

E-mail and house addresses

If we were to ever stand before God

To ask His blessings on our love

Maybe I jumped the gun a little bit

But I knew he was the one

Without a guess, maybe or if

And no sooner than I walked through Farish Hall

There he was standing like a tall

Glass of thick Nestlé’s Quik

Waiting on me to sip

And lick my lips

And say That’s goooooood

We made that exchange of numbers

And from that first conversation

I knew he was the 7th wonder of my world

And now on day eight

Our first date

As we sit and look at the stars

From the highest plateau on the planet Mars

I’m hanging on every word he’s saying

All the while praying

God will let him be mine

And that day eight will turn into nine

And nine will turn into months

And months into centuries

And that our love will outgrow time so much

That we will turn into a galaxy

Or better yet

A universe

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