HPS Creature Deidre Gibbs Dec.2010

Cringe worthy but here you go!!! lol

Yes!!!! Finally she takes time to be interviewed by the first person she interviewed for this magazine Shontell Foster and then took it a step further and answered her readers as honest as only she knows how to be.

First, How are you doing?

Deidre: I’m doing well thanks for asking

Can you introduce yourself, please, and tell the audience who you are, for those who don’t know.

Deidre: Let’s see my name is DEIDRE GIBBS others know me as LADY D . I’ve been a poet here in HOUSTON for about 7 years now. I still feel like a newbie because there is so much to learn. I am the OWNER AND CEO OF HPS MAGAZINE!!!

How and when did you get started with doing what you love?

Deidre: I started by going out with an old friend to a poetry spot back in 04 I think and it was called the red cat. Showing her around but ended up finding an outlet for something I loved to do and that is writing. I grew up reading poetry but never wrote any. I wrote short stories and plays.

Who or what inspires you?

Deidre: My inspiration is life. To me everything and one tells a story in my mind. I guess that’s why some say I’m a visual poet. My work always paints a picture.

Is there a specific topic or subject you focus on within your art?

Deidre: NO!!!! LOL If it can touch me or pull some kind of emotion out of me then I can write about it.

Name some of your favorite artist?

Deidre: OOOH BOY… There are so many but I love all kinds from unknown poets to Shakespeare to NIKKI GIOVANNI, LANGSTON, MAYA It goes on and on when it comes to poetry. When it comes to music it’s about the same. I love hearing up and coming artists to boyz2 men to prince to the Four Tops to classical. I love love. A good love song can inspire me as well.

Who would you like to work with if you had a chance?

Deidre: Hmmmm I would have to say any and everyone because each person brings their own style into a project that no matter if your well known to a unknown it’s a learning process and you would get something from it every time.

Do you have a favorite piece you have written?

Deidre: I have to say my curves poem because fellow poets and fans request it and they changed the name. lol It was called “once told” but people always requested as the curves poem so I call it my jlo piece and its still asked for when I get a chance to go out.

What is in your near future?

Deidre: Right now I would say the magazine. Expanding it more. I work so hard to make sure there is an audience out there for it. I know I need to work more on getting the trust of poets to believe in an unknown publishing with their work. That is a job in itself.

And before we close this long anticipated interview, give us one word that describes you……….

Deidre: DETERMINED…thanks Shontell it’s been fun!

Reader’s turn!!!!

Donald Fordan Houston, TX. What’s one word you HATE to be described as?

Deidre: sensitive! true I am but when I get tagged with that name I lose any point of view. I get brushed off and that always gets under my skin.

Mike Coles Houston, TX. what made you decide to start HPS again?

Deidre: life really I constantly hear the need plus there were a lot of things going on in my life and I needed an outlet as well so I’m trying. it’s different but it’s working.

Derrick Adams Houston, TX. do you think you will ever go back to the mic and perform?

Deidre: Yes I hope so. I do miss it but I look forward to hearing new talent and different types of artists. I still write and one day I hope to go back. if life lets me.

Phillip Mill Atlanta, GA. Do you think you can handle HPS better than you did from the start?

Deidre: I’m learning. it’s a long and slow process. I’m trying to keep the magazine small as i learn but its steadily growing so I’m trying to keep up.

Anna Sage Houston, TX. How do you handle critics?

Deidre: it’s a learning process as well. I’m growing a thicker skin but i still get caught off guard sometimes but it’s not what’s being said or done but who it comes from.

Anna Sage Houston, TX. What’s the hardest thing you deal with when it comes to making HPS go to print?

Deidre: hmmm I have to say getting people to submit their work. I understand my mag is far from being well known so finding ways for artists to trust I am not out to steal their work I would say is the hardest thing I’ve been dealing with.

Anna Sage Houston, TX. What motivates you?

Deidre: Fear Sometimes I will come off very confident and for the most part I am but really I’m just pushing myself through the fear I am feeling at that time. I say my stubborn side pushes me too! against any fear I have.

Kaori Sako Japan where do you want to travel to next?

Deidre: I always tell myself I want to go back to san Francisco and new York but I would love to travel around my state more and go abroad to other countries before I croke.

Kaori Sako Japan List 5 things you think are most important in your life?

Deidre: 1.being loved 2. having loved ones 3. faith 4.health 5. my craft

Kaori Sako Japan what kind of people you hate the most?

Deidre: superficial and user’s…I can tolerate hater’s they can motivate me sometimes.

Kaori Sako Japan which will you choose, a man who is super poor but has a great personality or a man who’s so rich but has annoying personality?

Deidre: poor lol why live life around extra stress when you don’t need to.

Kaori Sako Japan money or love?

Deidre: love you can leave this earth still feeling loved but you can’t take money with you

Kaori Sako Japan what’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done?

Deidre: oh lord!!! let’s see, to others I have to admit I am a prankster. It is in my bloodline so when I am just being silly who knows what my mind will come up with at that moment but it’s never anything to hurt anyone. as for myself I am a klutz and always falling but my worst moments are on vhs and since they are pretty much history I am gonna keep my moments there! I’m not telling!!! lol

Kaori Sako Japan what do you want to eat right now?

Deidre: (While answering this question) tex-mex

Clovia G. Houston, TX.. why do you hang around crazy people?

Deidre: because their creative and not all the time crazy. just misunderstood lol

Clovia G. Houston, TX. are you on drugs?

Deidre: only the ones my doctor prescribed lol

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