Shake Anderson dec.2010

Lady d…how did you get started in radio?

Anderson…On the east coast at Norfolk State University as an intern

Lady d…what inspires your poetry?

Anderson…Emotions as i feel any strong emotions it drives me to express myself thru poetry.

Lady d…do you ever use your poetry on the air?

Anderson…Yes, All the time, in between my R&B sets I perform on air

Lady d….for those that don’t know give a little insight on your cd

Anderson…My current project, Sophisticated Hyphy mix cd is a collection of poetry & mu sic with a blend of hip – hop …. co-produced by DJSL . I set out to create a cd with a live lounge feel, like an artist jam session. We used a lot of live sound to create a soulful approach to hip – hip spoken work poetry … & we are current putting together a band to rock with me for upcoming shows.

Lady d…why do you think men seem to be noticed more in a lot of fields besides just entertainment?

Anderson…Men rule the material world, Women do not at the present time, however women are very influential in all aspects of life. Throughout history there has been great men, but there has never been a time where there wasn’t a great woman. Women are beautiful & connected to spir it much more than men are, a woman intuition is some- thing that is priceless. I have respect for all, especially women in business, so if that is your calling don’t let nothing stop u, just don’t lose yourself playing a game of completion that separates u from spirit. Did I mention I love women !!! There a four things I need to create heaven on earth for me 1) tea 2) honey 3) cannabis 4) women … & all the ladies are invited.

Lady d…if you could do your dream showcase and it could be aired any where…who would be in it.. where would it air and why?

Anderson…On HBO at Oakland, Ca Fox Theater, Live band ft Roots, Erykah Badu, Mos Def, Too Short & Shake9169 hosted by Dave Chapelle Ld…what makes a poet stand out in your eyes?

Lady d…what is something that surprised people about you that makes you laugh and wonder why?

Anderson…Don’t know how u answer that… I do have a cannabis cookie named after me, I fine that funny.

Lady d….what’s the hardest thing about being you?

Anderson…Dealing with other peoples idea of what I am & what I am doing, feeling other peoples energy good or bad & dealing with any negative energy in a positive way.

Open Mic!!!!

My life is a song & everything I say is a quote, I surround myself in love & deliver positive information & encourage hope… So itz easy to see whose hating, I am a Love monster, I feed of energy especially negative vibrations, consume it, convert it, with creativity & show haters love … Now thatz what I mean when I say “Give evil a hug” – Shake9169 aka Gingerbread Man

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