Aquarius Webb and Corle’

A tell-all author speaks candid about her writing and one of her subjects expresses his feelings about being written about. Dec.2010

Corle’ On: How do you think you were portrayed in Miss Webb’s book? answer: First of all, thank you for allowing me to be apart of this interview and Honoring Poetic Society Magazine. I’m honored and flattered people want to know about my character (Todd) and Me (Corle). I have no complaints about my character. It is what it is! It’s cool. She kept it close to the truth. Webb: do you think you offended any of the people you wrote about even though you changed their names? answer: I think some men/women were offended if they’re into kidding their self. I was very honest. If any- thing a few people should be grateful for some details I may have left out…. Corle’On: what DIDN’T she say that you felt should have been said? answer: Nothing or than it’s based on 1999. It’s a true a story. I’m proud of Aquarius and wish her the best. I enjoyed it reading it. Webb: in your book you put your personal life out for all to see… do you think you put too much out and why not keep some things to yourself? answer: I have a strong belief in telling my side before anyone else does. I will not allow anyone to hang any- thing over my head. I’m Me! As for others, I did speak to the majority of the characters before My Life was released and everyone has told me, “I don’t care what you write as long as you write the truth.” Corle’ On: reading the book how did you feel reading about the other men in her life? answer: That’s Life! People fall in and out of love all the time. You can’t be mad at that. I’m glad through it all, we’re still friends. Webb: what do you want your children to understand about the content when they read it? answer: I’m in no hurry for my children to read my book. However, I can’ t keep it from them much longer. My children are bright, strong and supportive. I’d have to break it down simply by explaining, “Mommy had a Life before she had a family. My family adds to the story.” CCorle on knowing the life of the character how close was it to you then and to where you are now in your life? answer: It’s in my DNA to always be a hustla. The difference is I do more hustlin’ on a positive level. Then? I was about getting it done by any means! Now? I’m about my image but remaining focused. Webb: do you think after doing “a tell all” people will take you serious if you tried doing another book but in a different angle far from this one? answer: Yes I know I will be taken seriously. Before my book, I was known for writing blogs on Myspace. I wrote Poetry in Middle and High School. Writing is my passion. I don’t just write for you, I write for me. If I’m happy, I’m confident you’ll be happy. MY LIFE BY AQUARIUS 220 found on http://www.barnes& $20. I have a 12 month calendar due summer 2011. I have a few satellite radio interviews lined up. I’m quite the busy bee. I can be found on Facebook- AQUARIUS W EBB and AQUARIUS 2-2-0 (writer). Myspace AQUARIUS 2-2-0. Thank you for your interest. Please be sure to keep in touch.

Corle’ On: what changes would you make to her character that you think she didn’t say about herself? answer: I wouldn’t change anything about her character …not one thing! I’ve always known her to tell EVERYTHING!!! I wouldn’t expect any thing less. Thank you for this interview. Some of my Network information is: THE LEGEND OF BLACK TONY and EP releasing later this year in December. On this particular album I’m working with Scarface (Houston) and Bernstein. It w ill be sold ITunes and in stores as well. Most sales will be digital. The actual album drops next summer. Consider it a foreplay. I’m using that to get you ready for what’s to come. I can be found on FACEBOOK under CORLE’ ON. Twitter CORLEBMT. Email ad- dress COR_LE@YAHOO.COM. Eventually, my video will have a second version. My Team and I are currently working on a project called the CORNER STONE. We are interested in making a cartoon based idea. My song called FINER THANGZ (Scarface& Berstein) can be found on YOUTUBE under COR’LE.

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