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Unfiltered Affection By: Deidre Gibbs

his words were the slap in the face

that was heard across different states

she never cried just breath in deeper as she stood waiting for more

more of his blows she waited for

she believed if he cared like he said he show it and took his anger as love

as he threw her heart to the floor

never saying he was sorry

she always wanted more

more from him because she saw the good when her bruises healed that people never saw

because even when she vented all they saw was love

not knowing the love she got was abusing and confusing

he new he had her heart

and could get want he wanted

from the start

so he made it very clear that when he gone too far that he was sorry

but new he be back at it by morning

she would still be there smiling hoping and praying

that what she wanted would be there

others saw it

she just wanted to live it…experience it with him

not as others but as what they were silence meant

she waited in horror wondering if she was going to see tomorrow

with him

she rather his anger than nothing

hate for love

confusion for compassion

being used for acceptance

but she never showed him her anger…not till that blow was too great

her dreams vanished from that final blow

she couldn’t hold back as the hurt showered down her face

and countries felt the pain of loss she felt but in the end

she still wanted him back

wanted to feel his pain

wanted to feel his dreams

wanted to be where they were headed to be despite his blows

she wanted him back

she wanted what she new was true

true he could be an asshole but he was still true to being original with her

that’s something she was always looking for no matter what he was

true she new what she was getting into

but still never gave up on him

like so many did to her

she wanted him back

she got him and he gave her everything she wanted

everything she longed for he gave her him

now her soul is dearly departed

because she wanted him back

took what he gave for the sake of her version of love


her serenity

she is at peace because she got to see him at his best

if I know her even in heaven

she wish he was there

because she saw the best in him

and in her mind he belonged there

Flowers for the lady By: Gentlemen S. J. Spiphy

Flowers for the lady with the weighty heart

The beautiful Miss missing the charismatic kisses and composed caresses that blesses away

the distresses of being neglected or perhaps alone

The fair maiden who’s laden with the burden of having no of her own but remains strong Well fashioned with her chastity belt well fastened until her noble groom comes along.

Flowers for that lady Flowers for the lady bearing the bereavement of death by a thousand lies Who cries a million tears through her disguise as she meagerly toggles between resentment and clemency Her husband’s tendency to cloak

his infidelity out weights his good intentions Thus sacrificing the harmony of their relationship to the weeds grown from the insidious seeds of dissension Flowers for that lady Flowers for the lady found bound by the insurmountable debt of losing her love, after using her love to restitute the insolvent spirit

of this man who poses as her king But bears no ring to validate all the virtue she’s given. Faithfully living a dour reality beneath the fantasy of one day becoming his legitimate bride, his covenant queen Flowers for that lady Flowers for the lady, whose honor has been disgraced, beauty misplaced, body exploited and intelligence ignored

Bored to the point of disgust with his lust and meaningless attraction to everything but her except who she is, what she feels, and how she thinks; her personal perfections, corrections as oppose to her frivolous flaws and kinks

Flowers for that lady

Flowers for the lady,

those of every color, culture, and creed that struggle fight and bleed to diligently meet the need recommended by the survival of the fittest for the best interest of her family without that paper husband chosen by the government for assistance Despite social and economically resistance her spiritual integrity continues to produce patience and persistence to keep pressing towards the mark of a higher calling and a better success, accepting nothing less Flowers for all of the ladies, keep praying, keep staying, keep trusting God and may you forever be blessed.

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