Denise D. Cooper Aug 2010

How long have you been painting?

Hello, I have been painting seriously since November 2006. Yet, I’d like to think that we all started our creative paintings from our preschool years. So it’s been a lifetime. (smile)

what is your motivation for each piece that you create?

My motivation is my poetry and short stories. I have been writing since grade school, my writing started to become alive and in full vivid color and I began to paint my poems. I also am infatuated with beautiful people not just mere aesthetics, but inside, how they relate to me and others, sometimes in the most awful situations certain people can handle themselves so beautifully that it’s worth the attempt i make on canvas, be it the blues or being ecstatic. Emotions are displayed maybe in a color I choose, or a subject. A smile doesn’t have to be painted as a smile it can be painted as a flower because that is often what i do when i see them, i smile.

what is your biggest fear with your up incoming  showcase of your work?

oh man that’s a great question, i would have to say my biggest fear about my next showcase is not having enough beauty to share to satisfy my soul and others. So I usually paint like a mad woman until i feel satisfied that i have enough. And it usually is.

if you can do artwork for any person who and why?

another great question, i would do artwork for poets, spoken word or the poetry writers like myself. I love the way a great poem feels, it can get so deep inside of who you are in that little snatch of a moment that i just want to run home and paint that emotion before it escapes me. If i could bottle it up i would then get home and release it just to see what colors the  vapors would release and paint, paint, paint. No sleep just paint and be in my moment. So if i was limited to one person it would be Saul Williams.

What’s  something you wish people would ask you but never do?

people always ask me why i don’t perform my poetry on stage, but i want them to ask me to get on stage with the visual poetry i present to them at each exhibit, don’t just limit me to the walls in your museum or gallery or restaurant get me on stage while you dilly dally around looking at other art and eat your food, sip your coffee and watch me on stage while i paint my poetry in loud bold colors. i want them to ask why don’t you please ask me to have my poetry book be the next book at your book club meeting. I want and need that. I love deciphering poetry, i really wish that book clubs would look into that more.

Thank you so very much in advance

Denise D. Cooper
Art Relic

Cell: 682-225-1601

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