Delvin Thomas Nov.2013

Age: 28

Name: LionHeart

Achievements: Multiple awards and spotlights

Goals: To publish a series of books and expand my nonprofit work

Inspiration: My family and my supporters

Passions: Performing, helping and uplifting others, community service.


What makes your poetry stand out in your eyes?

A wise man told me that the definition of art is truth. So whatever form of art you choose is how you tell your truth. I tell my truth in a way that is abstract to most raw and unfiltered. With every poem I write and perform I guarantee you will feel it because I put my heart into every piece.

Why do you think your religion plays a big part in your work?

Spirituality plays a much bigger role than religion. They play a big role in my writings because it is what taught me to stand for my fellow man even when they can’t stand for themselves and love with everything in me. Factors I feel that are missing in this day and time.

Who inspires you in your life?

Wow, there are so many people for different reasons. First my family their love and support give me energy to push forward with them believing in me I can’t let them down. My team is another inspirational force behind me; they all have invested in me and depend on me to better myself and ascend so anything but success is not even a thought. My poetic family is just a force I am honored to know. Last and most important is everyone who took/takes the time to check out my work it feels good to know the very thing I pour my soul into is appreciated and loved and that ignites a fire that could never be extinguished.

What do you like about performing?

I love interacting with the people their reactions to what you lay before them is priceless. I love the realness of the situation meaning you are making yourself vulnerable on a stage giving everything you have and the crowd meets you halfway and they connect with what your saying is a bond no words can describe.

If you could create your own showcase who would star in it and why?

That would be the longest showcase ever lol. First is Sunni Patterson she is such a force on stage and you can literally feel what she speaks. That woman could read me the dictionary. Quise, Isly Mo, Anu Healing Jamie Bond, Kelligraphy Pens, D. Greaves, Twosenuf, Poco, Lyrical Movements, Steel Determination, Watcher of 13, Chyna Blue, Justplain Jodi, and this list goes on forever. These are some of the most dopest, lyrical artist I know and if you don’t know them find them.

What authors did you grow up reading that you feel influence you to this day?

Honestly not many because I used to think poetry was nothing more than cupcakes and fairy tales. One day in class we had to do a project on Edgar Allan Poe and my mind was blown. He single handedly showed me that poetry can be whatever you wish it to be. Another author is John Milton who wrote two of the longest poems in history Paradise Lost and Paradise Regained.

What’s your most embarrassing moment on stage thus far?

It was one of my first shows I was so nervous and this group of men were talking through my whole set and I lost it not meaning I went off but my mind went completely blank and I panicked and went impromptu through the rest of the set lol I felt so shamed the the host told me she was gonna rape me on the mic in front of the entire venue with a very colorful choice of vocabulary.

What’s one thing about you people would be surprised to know about you?

In High School I sung classical music in choir all 4 years.

What can the public look forward to from you?

I am in the process of publishing my first book, plenty of performances and a slew of events geared towards the community and showing love and support for those who are in need.

What do you want readers to experience from your work?

My only desire is that they feel what I speak and understand it in its sincerest form. All I do in my work is offer you my heart and every emotion that comes along with it so you can find a little bit of yourself in it and know you are not alone.

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