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Sisters view : Respect

There was once a time when a woman wanted to be treated like a woman and not like a broad, bitch, or slut. The
new generation of woman though doesn’t care about respect or status they are more worried about appealing to the

opposite sex and how they respond to them. Women no longer care if they appear loose or easy, they are only wor-
ried about snatching a man with deep pockets. These women also are searching to marry above their status or at

least in the lifestyle in which they are accustomed to. They don’t care if it is a drug dealer or a NBA player who has
just been drafted, as long as they have access to their money. These women will down play their upbringing and
their pedigree to fit in with these types of men lifestyle. As women we usually take a back seat to our men and let
them shine, but in the new world order women are running the household and still working.
Women are fighting other women over men in public and also in their private homes. The internet hasn’t helped this
aspect of relationships, if anything it has made relationships harder to manage. Social networks have made some
women believe in relationships that didn’t exist and they have also broken up homes because it allows for millions of
people to become involved in relationships that they are not part of. Men have also failed to keep up their role as a
man. Not just a man in a relationship, but as a man who stands for something besides the size of his bank account
or the size of the appendage in his pants. Women are pushing good men out of the household in order to keep up
with their friends and what they consider is a good enough man for them. When did paying the bills, loving another
person, providing those needs which no one else can fulfill for a person become not enough. A man or woman who
has a good relationship that has the potential to become a great relationship will not put in the extra work because

society has shown them that the old ways are outdated. There are less couples getting married today and more chil-
dren growing up in broken homes. No one truly understands the effects of their actions on children who didn’t ask to

come into this world. Mothers it is just as much your responsibility as a man’s, if you don’t want children act respon-
sibly. Men if you know the woman you are seeing is not the kind of woman you would like to have children with then

you should cut your ties and not lead her on like a real man would or at least act responsibility. For if no one re-
spects themselves how can they expect anyone else to show them any respect.

Black men and women the same way the communities come together when there is a clear threat formed against it,

that same love should be shown everyday where you live because those are your neighborhoods. You can’t com-
plain about what is being taken from you if you are giving it away. We can’t depend on only our NBA or NFL stars to

come back to the old neighborhoods and give back, we need those who are there every day to show the youth in our
neighborhoods there are positive black men and women. Children learn respect four places; home, school, church,
and the streets, you have to control what your child is taking in. I believe the old saying “it takes a village to raise
children,” but you want to make sure it’s the right village. Those single parent homes need the extra help, but without

all the judgment that government resources usually enforce on them. Little girls need to be taught that they are pre-
cious and not just a plaything for boys. Little girls are dreaming of snatching up the richest man they can find and

they don’t care who or what they have to step on to get there. Society is showing them that this acceptable with the
numerous television shows and the need for material things. We need to stop letting television and the internet raise
our children. Something’s are not meant for everyone and we need to put our foot down and take more control over
what our children see. Times have changed but to throw away everything from the past would be a cruel injustice.
Respect yourself and you will learn to respect others.

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