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To Be Yours… By: Ami Brown

To be your dime 
To be your wife
To be your lady
To be your bitch
To be your dick sucking slut on the late night….

Don’t know why nothing would make me more pleased than to bath you &  watch you air dry on my knees….loving you down as we please….
I would rub your manhood with coconut oil
Press almond butter into your upper body….
Taste you
Tease you
Nothing more than to please you..
A little hunny on my clit for when you want something sweet for your lips.
69 in between time & time again we bust nuts on each others chin….. hundred lifetimes before
My ancient future  lover and I
only stop to begin again…

“Dressed Up”

God says that he dresses the flowers that only last but for a short time, and we are much more than the flowers…so will he not adorn us in beauty as well? So why do we keep trying to dress ourselves…with misleading charm, deceit, promiscuity, and a bunch of non-virtues that taint the image of a woman, and conceal who we really are, who God created us to be. He looks to us in disappointment, asking why we ever felt like his wardrobe for us wasn’t good enough. He dressed us in virtue and we replaced it with foolishness, he dressed us in righteousness and we replaced

it with wretchedness, he dressed us in beauty and we replaced it with unwarranted insecurity..It’s like we’ve taken off our value and replaced it with nothingness, and we compensate by seeking power through seduction and manipulation, letting Satan transform our hearts to favor that of Jezebel’s…like we’re naked in the garden of Eden like Eve, all of the worst parts of us, tattooed to our souls by this world, exposed with a bad attempt to cover them up with makeup, jewelry, and fancy clothes.

How could we look in the mirror and like what we see, yet hate what we’ve become…we move so fast, we have no time for healing, and so we settle in concealing our blemishes with self-justification, denial, and a disposition of defensiveness…But God can see us #nofilter. And yet he STILL loves us. When will we come back to him and let him adorn us once again with his grace and the beauty that only he gives…from the inside out. Healing all the scars that we seek to cover and giving us no more reason to hide. Clothing us with strength and dignity…striding in wisdom,

raising our spirits higher than the heels we walk in. With confidence in him, rather than in our ever-wardrobe-changing, malfunctioning selves. Giving us stability so that we can continue to walk with him and stop falling to our faces in self-afflicted pain.  Crowned with God’s beauty and ravishing in his treasures. The world’s beauty is fleeting and temporary; God’s beauty brings honor and is everlasting. What will you allow to adorn you?

By: Tori K.

Untitled By: Yolan Young

I am so power 1974 Zaire rumble in the jungle titled and labeled as an animal
my color makes me fear what they do not know plus I chant I am black and proud and it shows enchanted with blackness from the bottom of the earth to the top of its axis that’s 30 seconds from popping of with 30 dudes all drap in blue with azul sweaters on
Tooking and smoking that essence for our protection we had them guessing because they pulled out those Smith and Wesson and hung are descendants adolescence and with no hesitations those Gorillaz transform into educated Apes whom…
bust out of your mistake only to create a new era blue rag holders West Coast bombers red rag toters West Coast bangers that will pop you at a drop of a dime… that’s when I realize I was soul power and will devour the snakes that raped and consumed our mother’s wombs and just for kicks

made each other hate each others dark and light skin colors even though we are blood brothers coming from the same mothers touch the same soil, wore the same cloth embrace the same Yellow Sun hug those sons now we speak those guns back at you…
the king in me cannot rest 4 I’ve seen drive by’s where bullets rain down like hail storms its July 4th everyday on my turf but these firecrackers scream another form of Independence…
the King in me is in rage the cage lion is ready to break free so how can they say crime does not pay for every country carries ak’s and if this is the last of days I’m going to activate my soul power…
Im grabbing a pen putting on my headphones open a notebook full of blank hieroglyphics close my eyes dig deep into my DNA meditating on the words of those before
collecting all the heavenly scents black dialect that makes my bald head poof and turn into an afro my jeans become bell bottoms my t shirt is now a dashiki my speech is black unity in equality

sitting in a round table with Huey Newton Geronimo Pratt Marcus Garvey Malcolm X Martin Luther King Jr Rosa Parks and my man pac…
hey… I am soul power I am soul power I am soul power 1970s baby my Bl roots cannot be uprooted it goes without saying too many of us have died for me to forget so I won’t let it die….

I will continue to water the family tree keeping it fresh as a pair of new kicks… for without those with pave the way…. would we be here today some type of us to use force other say educate yourself and you have a voice I say let s do both let us not forget let us pump this fist high like its 1969 instead of letting of shots at each other let’s throw block parties and fish fries backyard boogie laughing and giggling Wow fine sistas dance and gyrate

old schools are slapping dominos or spades mothers are sitting underneath the shades of the family tree for we our alive. … we’re not all locked up strung out or singing freedom rhymes. .. eternal reflection is at our grasp this is not power to the people for which I stand this is power that is in me this is how I stand so if you like here we go again…

black activist talking about the pass for I’m doing good I am successful I…I…I…want to reach you you prideful, selfish, arrogant fool you this is not activism this is reactivation blood born without the sickle cell trait preservation education determines our faith….

So tell me… can you feel your soul power can you feel that soul power…if so screen yes stand up and confess jump up out of your seat screen I am Black and I am proud shout your voice to the heavens shoot them past the clouds let it all hang out

For our Redeemer is close at hand and when he arrives two fist I will command shouting proudly with a passionate allure saying I am soul power you our soul power we are soul power 1974 Zaire black bomber.

(C) Yolan Young poem soul power

Sleeping on the Moon By: Roshanda Johnson

You and I

With open eyes

Pray the Lord our souls to keep

After we pray

Let’s slip away

Soon as the house is fast asleep

Put on your robe

Tip on your toes

Gently to the roof we’ll climb

And we both know

Where we will go

I’ll take your hand and you’ll take mine

Let’s lift  our arms

Embrace life’s charm

Up and away we will fly free

Through the stars

And around Mars

To a place made just for you and me

We’ll dance and sing

On Saturn’s rings

Jupiter is the place to play

We’ll split between us

A cake on Venus

With frosting from the Milky Way

Let’s do judo

Up on Pluto

Drink milk shakes on Jupiter’s moons

Let’s take a sail

On a comet’s tail

Then ice skate all across Neptune

We’ll sight see

On Mercury

Then morning will be coming soon

When you and I

Get sleepy eyes

We’ll go to sleep on God’s great moon


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