VX Feb. 2013

Duece (The Green Eyed Munsta) &Yiego (Get Your Girl Quick) 

Ages: 25 and 26

Talents: Singers 

Live: Houston, TX

Achievements: Greatest achievement is we had the opportunity to perform in front of 100’s of  Houston homeless at a super bowl party just for them.

Interest: Music, Laughter, Entertainment  

Motivation: People 

What made you want to create the group?

Yiego: It wasn’t something we just came up with. It really just kinda happened. I came into  the group after it was already created and I guess we’ll just say the strong survive. 

 How did you and your partner meet?

 Duece: I came into the group after it was already created and I guess we’ll just say the  strong survive.

 Why the name VX?  

Yiego: The Vx means a lot but ultimately it means The Versatile Experience. We’ve always  wanted to leave people feeling like they’ve experienced something different. 

How would you describe your style? 

Duece: Very Awkward! 🙂 We are like ying and yang two totally different type of styles that  actually harmonize together perfectly.

What message do you try to give out through your music?

  Duece: Anything is possible! Anything! Through God who strengthens you.

  Where is the one place you want to travel to and why?

Yiego: Space. I want to see what earth looks like from the outside. Duece : Agreed

What is the hardest and positive aspect of being a duo?

Duece: Hardest part is wanting to sing that 3 to 4 part harmony live and can’t cause it’s 2 of  us. The most positive part aspect is we only have to worry about 2 people showing up on time. 

What do you see for your partners future and what do you think he see for you?

 Yiego: I think Duece will become one of the greatest writers/film directors ever. And I think  he knows I will become the first man in history to learn how to levitate. 

If you could bring anyone into your group who would be on your wish list? 

Duece: Janel Monae, because she is super dope. Her style and music match something we  plan to dabble in!

What advise would you give to someone wanting to do what you do?

Yiego: Don’t listen to people and their opinions of what you should do. Do whats in your heart.

What is people might be surprised to know about you & your partner?

Duece: Were not Gay. LOL Na probably that I’m actually a really shy dude and Yiego is a true  computer nerd. 

What is the hardest part of the process to get you where you are today that if you could get where you are now without doing it you would you and why?

Yiego: I don’t believe we would change a thing. That process helps you have longevity, so I  guess we wish we would of known then what we know now.

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