Poetry by DonJuan Hutchinson Grand Slam Champion Ft Worth Slams 2012


 And you thought your job was hard

Not to undermine what it is you do for a living 

But all things considered….. 

Think about the Alaskan crab fisherman  

tasked with hauling in nets and cages

weighing hundreds of pounds in zero degree weather

while the sky is leaking melting ice 

skating on decks covered with frozen water 

aboard a boat being tossed on a feuding sea

Lend your imagination to the coal miners

Whose cubicle is this dark, damp, desolate corner office space

filled with noisy yet seductive accidents

waiting to breast feed coal dust

to your black lungs until chest implausibly explodes

Who wants to walk to work with a mercenary? 

This freelance fighter for misappropriated fortune

will willingly remove you from this walk of life

then auction off his illuminatic soul 

for this monetary evil rooted so deeply in his employers pocket  

he couldn’t reach it if he started from the bottom  

Parents go ahead and tell your children

they can grow up and become president

of these divided states of America

make sure you teach them the illusion of multitasking

that way with his or her mortician like schedule of policing the world planning wars and rumors of ending wars while politicking over peace treaties they don’t become so credulous to 3rd world countries that they appear impotent

in their own domestic affairs all these jobs are extremely dangerous

but have you ever just sat and thought how difficult it must be to be a nurse?

A Substandard one, let alone a good one some may think being a nurse

couldn’t possibly compare with all the aforementioned occupations

but how good would your poker face be?

Sitting in with a Stage Four cancer patient planning their Christmas dinner in the month of May

when they’ve been given 12 weeks

with a 3 day grace period to live!

or a 8yr old girl whose body

has rejected 2 livers already a 3rd one is not an option but

all she can talk about is her sweet 16 birthday party and

you’ve been invited

I know you think doctors have it hard but no

all doctors have to do is fix you then task the nurse with telling you

when you can’t be fixed imagine the weight of the burden’s they carry

walking in that delivery room the bearer of bad news to a barren woman of 47 yrs

the doctors done all they could but couldn’t save either baby

when she only asked God for 1 By definition

nurses are only to promote good health and prevent illness

Not prevent death but some of these angelic like creatures

tackle their 12hr shifts

as if they can Trading in heavenly wings

for a pair of scrubs a stethoscope and some band-aids

Caring too much to allow you to see them sweat

so they’re constantly holding back

tears camouflaged as perspiration Selling their salvation

with every white lie they tell to make good on a bad check

between practitioner and patient and they’re just waiting….

not for accolades or accomplishments

Just simple recognition they exist I’ve spent a night or 2 with more than a few so when I get to heaven

and God and I converse I’ll be sure to tell him

Thank You for sending my guardian angel

in the form of a nurse!


 Life is a trip! Or Am I tripping?

Not knowing where I’m going but I’m packed 

Packed in a Society where the Political figures  

pose as GOD but now they use government halls as churches

Where it’s illegal to pray to GOD  

unless its terrorist season you’re draped in an American flag

and just buried every and anybody you’ve ever loved 

A society baptized in discrimination! the only reason you got that job is  ‘cuz that Fortune 500 company is trying to meet their TOKEN quota  

So yeah 

they bombard you with fake grins become fake friends making you think you fit in then you go  and bleach’ yo skin turning ‘yo back on ‘yo kin…… 

Then you up and get fired reason being you lied on your application when you were hired  Saying “you said you were black!” Now how about that? 

But the fact is

self is everybody’s worst enemy hell I know first hand ‘cuz even I’m afraid of what’s in me!  Whether it be GOD or the devil GOOD or bad  

black or white…  

it won’t let my soul settle If it’s the devil look how many girls I’ve deceived

how many times I’ve said I LOVE U with my fingers crossed and made them believe! If it’s  white I can’t rest until I get a six figure job a house, a wife, PLUS a secretary about three disrespectful kids a gang ‘a credit cards then commit suicide! 

If it’s black all I want to do is blame the white man for holding me back  never apply for a job have seven kids by six different women

sell drugs, get a fresh ride smoke weed and hycide…..but if it’s God

the world gone be surprised ‘cuz ya’ll waitin’ on the Heavens to fall

and HE got a representative rite b4 ‘yo eyes! So be careful of the words you speak, ’cuz you  never know the UNSETTLED SOUL!

It may reach! 

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