Eric H. Allen

Age. 41 I think… lol

Location: Physically, Mentally pr Spiritually


I look at this word very different. I value the countless number of people that have shared their gratitude with me over plus from words that I have be blessed to produce, poems they have heard and journeys I have

touched on that ignited something in them. My achievements open eyes, feed minds, touch the spirit and invoke sub-
conscious plus conscious thought patterns. But, if you need a little material, I shall indulge in a taste. I am the founder of a poetry family called Dragon Spit in Houston TX, I have written a number of commissioned works for various events,won a few awards and have had the pleasure of turning away from allowing my earlier works to grace some Anthology’s. My deepest achievement however is the 40 thousand plus word that I have managed to accumulate for my book!


Writing, working out, cooking, music and kids. Honestly too many to list. Motivation: Any, every plus all
things I can intake! My motivations are limitless! Music, People, Smells, Words etc, etc, etc…!
Contact info. . . . . Eric H. Allen on Face book and email address

How long have has it been since you started writing poetry?

About 8 years.

What’s the inspiration for doing a book with another poet?

Life is about evolution, spiritual advancement plus I love writing from the male and female prospective. So, what better way to
displace this in print than with the opposite sex? I also, feel that the art of communication between the sexes is incomplete in the present form. We just seem to not get it! The true question is have we ever? I define “it” as the 4 L’s to success Life, Love,
Laughter plus Lust!

What is it about your partner that inspires you as you feed off each others skills?

I would have to say that I purely write to inspire and draw inspiration from all things. It is a blessing to have someone
that I can write with that is open to touch every subject. The feed is actually within the world processed between each

How do you handle conflict with each other?

We really haven’t had any conflict to handle. We write when we can and if another person happens to be not in the mold we don’t. Sounds simple however it is what it is, no more no less.

What are the perks of working with another poet?

Viewing another’s work helps build your own. It also offers balanced insight when writing new poems.

Give 5 qualities that you see that are inspiring about your partner that they might not realize about. .

Inner strength, great speaking voice, submissiveness, pen balance and visual grace…

Would you work with each other on another book & why?

One should never say never so I will say possibly. It will probably not be on this scale. I have a number of personal projects that I am working on and must devote time to growing my individual BRAND!

Who decides what artwork goes with each piece & why?

I believe writing to be a free forum. We both allow our pens to flow uncensored at all times.When views differ we
communicate to elevate the experience within our ink. The artwork is selected by us both. It really depends on the
poem, the emotion we are attempting to speak and sometimes the piece just says this picture right here. After all
words possess the innate ability to speak volumes!

How would you describe your co author’s work in 5 words?

Limitless in motivational ink potential!

What are your thoughts with everything going digital how do you feel about books in the classroom becoming non-existent?

I actually mostly write inkless. Maybe a little hard to believe yet it is true. I do feel books are a forgotten tree but we also need to save the few we have left. However, the day a classroom goes bookless is the moment the already lessor fortunate will become Third World mentally. Money does equal status in every country. With that said any parent or person that doesn’t vote nay to that Bill must question the loyalty to the people, for the people and
by the people. It’s probably safe to say our government cannot afford to issue electronics to the public. Most of the books in school are singular in thought flawed, extremely out dated and don’t yield enough international history.

What would you call your writing if you were describing your style to someone hearing you for the first time?

“Color Blind” The term “Color Blind” was bestowed upon me by a reader first then listener when I was merely a Neophyte. On the flip side I would say I offer my writings to the heart and one must take what they need from the
work. I write from the Creators Vision Spiritually. Nothing is off limits and my mind is always on the clock. People,places and things inspire my keys…! Merely the Vessel I am…

Where can people hear or read your work?

I speak at the Secret Word Café’ from time to time when it permits and have been to Bamboo.Mostly now I blast
the internet poetry air waves. My work can be read on FB at Eric H. Allen and later this year I shall be finished my first Anthology. The book is titled “Evolution of Subconscious Thought” coupled with and erotic CD all to be re-leased in 2014. I also post all internet shows to FB.

If you were asked to create a showcase of poets for a network who would they be & why?

Hmmm… What type of network lol…? It depends on the level of censorship. Since my new family happens to be a great group of erotica poets, I would have to say something like HBO or Showtime. FlenardoTaylor, Kelligraphy Pens, Lee Lee Aint Misbehavin’, Karmel, Red Hulk and this list could go on for days!

The great thing about knowing so many not just poets yet beautiful writers is that we can Showcase everything and have. Spiritual, Sickness, Sex, Pain, Political etc… Writing allows one to travel the gambit and I do every single day!

Do you believe that there is a stereo type when it comes to poets & with arts in general?

But of course, art is normally frowned upon especially when it’s in its freest form. Funny that Art is view in
that way because it is said that “Art imitates life” when I see it as “Life imitating Art.” We strive to be a
Master Piece. For me I look at it as balance the term or phrase works both ways.

How did you & Karmel decide to do a book together?

The reception of our collaborative works began to inspirer listeners via internet. I would have to say we
kind of just allowed the ink to direct our actions. But when you have peeps blowing up chat rooms and
hitting the inbox with request to review poems, short stories and other items based upon work completed
with a partner, it just made perfectly imperfect sense.

What’s one thing you think people will be surprised to know about Karmel?

That erotic poetry really takes a back seat to her true love which is historical and spiritual writing. Sometimes you just find a void and fill it with ink. Her poem “Invisible Nooses” happens to be a really vivid visual look into the history of Americans.

What are your views on the lack of support Houston poets sadly get tagged with? True or false & why?

Well looking at it with an even pen both True and False. Lets tackle “FALSE” first. One must create their own brand within any business. So, if you are looking for the fans to just fall at your feet or into an event without getting your name out sorry. Even when you do get your name out times will be thinner than thin.
You have to make people believers in your craft and this is not an overnight epiphany type business. The
streets we walk be desolate at times and broken in form. Think do just about everything and then prefect your brand from the ashes of experience. Now on to the “TRUE” side of Houston poetry none support. When I started speaking spoken word I viewed a lack of love for most newbie’s and a large number of vets spoke of past glory. In truth when one elects to build a persona support is perception, taste is everything and diversity must be integrated into the voice. Never allow yourself to exist one dimensional!

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