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Affairs of The Heart” by Tee Merriweather

on Saturday, October 3, 2009 at 11:37am  

It started out as a simple hello As she walked by while I held open the door What seemed so  innocent lead to a conversation Which lead to secret rendezvous’ at the train station Was this  the beginning of something so wrong Yet it feels like a verse from another sad song Listen I  just want a little bit of your time Chill, relax, and have a few drinks and unwind I’ve been  really stressed and you really ease the pain

Of going home to my husband and doing the same  thing I mean I love him and all, but he doesn’t give me what I need You provide that in my  life baby, you’re all I need I know it’s more complicated than it really sounds Believe me  when I say this, I really need you right now Before you say anything I got this all figured out  We both have significant others that’s without a doubt We can travel to different places just  you and I Where no one know us and we don’t have to hide Think about it we can make this  thing we have work I’ve found what I needed in you so I don’t have to search This will be our  little secret one no one has to know I want you in my life so bad it’s really starting to show 

Think about it will you do that for me please….Looking into my eyes as if it wasn’t easy to see  That she wanted me in her life not for the sex But the mental and emotional stimulation I  didn’t know what to expect Baby girl, let’s keep it real, you know how I feel Trying to juggle  two lifestyles is tough as hell Honestly, I have deep feelings for you as well But this is a risky  situation but only time will tell Are you sure you’re willing to risk everything you have For a  chance to be happy with someone other than your man I’m not saying no because I want the  same Really just trying

to find out if this is some sort of game Games are what I don’t like to  play I’m really into you, but I guess you’re not feeling the same way You’ve got it all wrong,  I’m being serious with this Love is something sacred that I truly do miss When I’m with you  my day seems to change Into a brighter one and it doesn’t feel so strange How you make me  feel just being beside you It’s hard to control myself, there’s so much I wanna do But I got a  lot to lose as well and you’re worth the risk My mind is saying no,

but my heart is screaming  yes Then what’s the problem, let’s just do what we feel is right And not worry about tomorrow, stay with me tonight Keep me safe in your arms and hold me close Together we will be  consumed by a love overdose She don’t have to know and he won’t either I want you next to  me, because I’m so eager To intertwine our bodies in the art of love making Losing all control  of the moment while my body starts shaking Say no more, I’m yours simply for the taking  Together we climb

that ladder of pure ecstasy our heartbeats are pacing As we start, wait  wait wait baby this is so wrong what we are doing Now she’s having a moment of clarity this  is so confusing She’s looking at me with confusion and lust in her eyes All the while ever so  silent she begins to walk away with tears in her eyes I love you but I’m not ready to take that  next step with you My life I’m ready to spend forever, until I die, with you I see nothing  wrong with your hesitation but understand Our worlds are now intertwined even though I  got a girl and you have a man But with all honesty why are

you doing this if you’re heart is  making you think Watching you walk away in tears is making my heart sink I know and I’m  sorry baby, but I run the risk of losing everything Nothing again you, because you make my  heart sing So what’s really the problem if you feel this way Where are these words coming  from that you’re saying At one point, I held you in my arms close to my heart The next minute

you’re saying these things to tear it apart Don’t walk out on what we have, because my  heart can’t take the pain My soul has bonded with you and now you’re walking out again I  meant everything I said, but this is difficult for me You wouldn’t understand the situation  unless you open your eyes and see See what? Your house, your marriage, your kids, I’ve seen  that I’ve taken all into consideration,

did you forget that I’m in the same boat as you are, but  I’m still standing here Giving myself to you letting you know that I’m not going anywhere  But I won’t pressure you into anything that you’re not ready for The last thing I want to see,  is you hurt when you deserve so much more Everything is everything, as I watched her leave  the room Breathing in as much of her perfume as I could possibly consume Watching her  leave was hard for me to see, but it was for the best Hoping that she would come back and  change her mind, if not, I can’t hold my breath… 

I was not looking for no love affair…  

By: Ami Brown  

I was not looking for no love affair  

no hunny not even there  

as many times as I open my eyes  

I just wanted you between my this  


I was not looking for no love affair  

and then this other guy  

 he pulled my hair  

and I was like  

ya maybe  

one night …  

I might  

go there But  

 I’m… still not looking for no love affair  see I feel like I’m waiting in vain for  this one king  

he makes my heart sing  

and he visits me in my dreams….  

and he says these words to me  

that I never heard in me  

and he paints in colors i only see in my dreams    

and this one night he heard me…..  breathing…..  

heart beating…..  

Windows steaming….  

and I was not looking for no love  affair  

I was just passing the time while  you weren’t there  

I was just passing the time while  you were not mine  

and I’m not looking for no love af fair  

And I’m not wait in vain for your  love see  

its your energy from your ancestry  that makes me want to come…  home to you because your energy  is of the one I’m tuned into  and I will bring you what you have  been missing loved one  

shelter from the storms….sun  fresh baked bread for you dread  a bath  


a sexy woman…. A warm bed 


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