A Youth’s View 2011

Honestly parents don’t understand just about everything their child does once they hit  puberty. At one point a child’s best friend is their parent until they have a say in what  they want to do. For example once a child becomes a teen (I’m in this place right now)  they are in the place of no longer being a child and still not yet an adult, this teen wants  to explore become their own person and experiment with their wild side. Like staying  out at night, getting their first tattoo, and the people they hang out with, the clothes we  wear. This just happens to be one of the ways we find ourselves. At this moment my  mother and I have not been on the same page for the past 3 years mainly because she  just doesn’t understand the things that I do. NOPE ACTUALLY GROWN UPS JUST  DON’T’ GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They feel as if we have to be these well oiled machines, well  that’s not going to happen. Out of the examples above the main thing a parent doesn’t  understand is when their child wants to date (especially if your daddy’s little girl or your  a momma’s boy or just point blank period your parents are strict) NOW dating is on of  the most difficult things for a parent to understand and I would say this because my  mother is having a hard time with it at this time. In my own words I think its because  they just don’t want you to have any fun or maybe its because they still see us not as  young adults but as a 2 month old baby. Yes I will say first hand it’s one of the most  frustrating things for you to constantly ask and stressed that your ready, that your not  being pressured, and your going to respect yourself and that person. They don’t get  how we want to spend a little more time texting, being on the phone with that special  person (that person may change every month but just go with it). One of the most misunderstood things about us it that we don’t want to be bother with anyone who just so  happen to be the person who gave us life. Well I would say its we become more into or  selves and yes we stress over the smallest thing in the world. I really can’t say why  maybe because where not sure on how you might react to it’s just so much easier to  lock ourselves in our room and tell our friend about the issues, mainly because we  don’t want to hear the story line beginning with either “well back in my day”, or “Been  there done that”. Sorry but its the truth. Now off of the heavy stuff, we’ll get back to that  in another paragraph. Now I’ve asked just about every teenager I know the same question “What’s something you do that your parents don’t understand?” They all reply  “EVERYTHING”!!! I find this to be one of the most funniest things ever because, I say  the same thing when some ask me this question. A friend of my says she wants to get  her bellybutton pierced……. Her mother says, “no way no how been there done that.”  Wow not a shocker but hey like I said we just want to play around with life. Which  brings me to something else they don’t understand why we don’t want to wait for everything to happen. We as impatient people just want to have a good time and do everything possible whether it will be there tomorrow or not we just don’t care if we want it  we’re going to do it. Now when it comes to ignoring your advice it mainly because we  feel that your wrong or that your right and that we can do it better or in different manner. Pretty much we are finding ourselves at the moment so you can’t really just say  we’re wrong you have to let us fly but remember to be close behind but if you keep us in  the nest once we get the chance to fly we’ll FLY OFF FOREVER. THEN YOU’LL UNDERSTAND THE REASON WE DO THE THINGS WE DO BUT THEN IT WILL BE TOO  LATE.  


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