A Brothers View

Photo by Helena Lopes on Pexels.com

The Ordinary/ Common Brother  

We are for the most part invisible. Most American society-including some media, silent brothers. Kin folks  & ourselves. We are the brothers who pick up the trash, drive the buses, cut the yard, work at fast foods &  the rest of the jobs most people don’t want nor value. We are the brothers who are not fine, have big bank,  wear pants with our underwear showing, drinking 40’s, attending the best college, having the best jobs and  

living in the best neighborhood.  

We don’t spend a lot of time chasing the American dream/ nightmare. We are the brother’s who is like the  air we breath, don’t get noticed unless its really good or really bad. We do have something in common with  the brother’s mentioned above. Like us, some of them want , deserve, and need fulfilling and meaningful  relationship  

 based on mutual respect, honor, love and  

Commitment with other people. Especially with the sisters, our friends, our brothers and ourselves. Soci ety’s views of us has little meaning. We live to help make our community and ourselves better. We are the  brothers who are over weight, drunk a few to many beers, tell a few lies and even flirt a little. Our jobs may  pay little more than minimum wage and in some cases pay more than some professionals. Our education  usually means finishing high school, having a few college hours, being ex-military, having a trade and r on  the job training.  

Most of us don’t want to be doctor’s, business owners or professionals. Don’t get me wrong being the  above could be a good thing. We just believe the type of person who are, should depend on the job, educa tion and where we live. Some of us have found having the high dollar job, having a big house payments or  trying to get them means less time for those we want to have a meaningful relationship with.  We often hear about us having no and little standards in jobs, people around us. Wrong, we just want the  standards to be fair and realistic. Relationships with our sisters are very important to most of us. Most of us  don’t want to be mind reader’s, don’t want to control everything, make all the decisions. We want sharing of  dreams, feelings, whatever it be it’s a two way street.  

We are aware of some of the issues our sisters, community, and ourselves face and we try to deal with  them the best way we can. Knowing often times its not easy, still we try.  

We understand why we are invisible to most. We will try to change the situation by staying positive and  doing the things that’s good. We know without loving sister’s and caring community we are like summers  without the heat, music without meaning and a child without laughter.  

I’ll end with a few request…..  

To the Ordinary/ Common Brother’s: acknowledge each other by a nod of the head, a fist salute, and any  sign saying keep the faith and keep doing the good you do. And do the same for the ordinary sister’s  To the Ordinary/ Common sister’s: acknowledge the brothers by giving them respect when due and giving  yourself this same respect.  

OK in this case I don’t mention the community because when brother’s and sister’s do what needs to be  done the community will be ok.  

In closing I’ll raise a glass saluting all the sister’s/brother’s but specially those of us who are ordinary/ common  

Keep the faith and thanks.  

William Stewart  

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