Blast from HPS Past! David Roberson February 10,2010

We will be going back through out April and May at issues from the beginning of HPS as we reflect from the past to the present. It’s AMAZING to see the people that have honored HPS pages.

How long have you been performing?

David: started singing at church 7 or 8. been rapping since i was 9.  I have always been a character though.

What makes you different from other artists?

David: I’m me.  My compositions are my real thoughts or experience regardless of market value. And I give a show no matter how many show up

How would you describe your style?

David: Era and Style fusion.  Hiphop is the core. I fuse all elements as i see fit at the time. My favorite eras are 60’s/70’s rock/funk and 90s Hiphop/RnB.  It’s a Houston, Louisiana, somewhat East Coast, old school Mississippi church house blend.  I’m getting into classic jazz and blues now

What do you think created your passion?

David: don’t know.  It was just there already. I grew up in a singing family.  Just caught the bug one day.  At first i liked to sing, but was scared to perform.  One day i wanted the spotlight.  I was forced to do it at first but once i saw people dug it, that was it. Now its fueled by my desire to complete my mission to bring complete understanding (Total-standing) to the people.

How do you think the artist in you affects the career minded side of you?

David: They conflict all of the time.  I’m at a point now that I don’t care what the industry says.  Anything can sell if properly marketed.  I’m going to do what was meant for me to do, but I’m putting people around me that can visualize how to sell what I do best.  I’m setting myself up for a long lasting career.

Why did you pick the internet as a method to get your talent out for others to hear?

David: Prince proved that you don’t have to have a label behind you to get distribution.  The internet is the ultimate distribution company.  I can chat with people from Guam about real hip hop at 3am.  No limitations.  It’s all about the hustle.

What is the best reaction you had so far from performing & what was the worse?

David: The best was ummmmm…Anytime I get positive feedback i love it, but the best response i ever received wasn’t from a performance.  When hurricane Ike hit Houston/Galveston one of my poet friends called me.  He was displaced because his home in Galveston was destroyed.  He told me that my cd got him through that tuff time.  It let me know to keep doing what i was doing. The worst was when i was a teen my singing group got boo’ed of the stage at an apollo style night at just joking comedy club.  I was hotter than fish grease in a Houston summer.

In your own words what is the difference between spoken word artist & poets?

David: I don’t know exactly.  I’ve never asked anybody what the difference was.  It’s like asking me “which would u rather be called, colored or negro”.  It’s all art to me.  I don’t get into labels like that.  They are all creators in my book.  Some read from pages, some recite theatrically.  They all inspire me to be creative so big ups to the poets/spoken word fam.

How do you think it is possible for poetry to become more mainstream & not looked at in a negative light?

David: The fans have to support the movement.  Recording artist such as my self have to incorporate poetry into the songs.  I have songs with The Black Lotus, AT Alla Tyme, Jerome Washington, Michelle Desiree, Kaleb Israel, and Savannah Blue.  I’m a poet. I just croon/spit my joints.  I got my name in Houston thru the poetry scene.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to come out to the poetry scene?

David: Go! Find out where it’s going down and go.  Check out the experienced spitters and develop your presentation.  It’s a wonderful experience to be amongst the creative minds.  It exercises your intellectual muscles so to speak.

Do you think men dominate the poetry scene & if so why?

David: Hell no!  Poetry is just as much wittiness/game as it is spiritual.  No body has more game than black women.  I can put two sistas that i know up against any dude in the scene anywhere and like their chances.  I’ll put my money on them.  D.E.E.P. is one of the dopest word Smiths I’ve ever heard.  Sunny Patterson is Ice Water! Michelle Desiree, Nikki Black, RAIN, Faylita, Savannah, Mz Jackson, my god man.  I know i missed a few but I cant name everybody in this interview. The fellas are holding their own though. No doubt

What are your thoughts on censoring at poetry spots?

David: Don’t like it if it’s an open mic.  If there is a specific theme like family day, then i understand.  It’s open expression. 

If you could work with any local artist who would that be & why?

David: Wow. Ummmm…Devin The Dude.  He is one of the most creative cats in the game for the last decade and a half.  He’s real humble too.  Poets…Sunny Patterson most definitely. She’s from southern Louisiana and my mamas side of the family is from Patterson.  Right out side of Laffayette and Morgan City.  I love the Boot..  She got a spiritual bounce thing goin on. I really dig that.

what is your main goal with your craft?

David: To elevate the minds and spirits of the masses.  To reawaken the natural spirit of our people.  To travel the world and experience different cultures, and to feed my family for generations to come.



Gotta give all praises to the Creator.  My grandparents for raising me right.  My uncle Joe Boy for teaching me everything I know. My mama and daddy for being nasty teenagers and getting me to this side of reality.  My big cousins and homies that kicked my ass and made me tuff.  Everybody that had any influence over me whatsoever.  Carverdale my hood!!! North Pine Drive my 2nd hood.  HTown, Shreveport, The Boot, Dimona Israel.  Ben Ammi, Marcus Garvey, Elijah Muammad, Malcolm X, Muhhammad Ali, Hendrix Mayfield, JB. The Front Line is comin ur way. Street Marinez, Baby Daddy Jefferson, K Rino(SPC).  SI, Dragon Spit, Neo souldiers.  The love of my Life my two children XaVon and Chantel,  All real Djs that keep real hiphop in the ears of the people. The Ancestors.  My man Mike Mo of Beltway 8 records for teaching me how to hustle my own product and not wait on the industry to give me a handout.  P, Mystro, and Leo (AD) Gloc, Dello, and Reddy Redd(RNOC) where i got my start. Die Hard fam. All the righteous example setters around the world. Peace and blessings to my family. Stay Ugly…Sha

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