Poetry Day #4

Photo by Wendy Wei on Pexels.com

My unfinished letter to Damon Marley by: Ami Brown

excuse me for a moment for an introduction…
thought i would ask you to watch me move my ass… but i have the respect of my sun!
i am the fruit of June season
reflect the light of the One
been listing to the Marley’s since me small and me young…
your words speak to me and keep me honest with my young ones…
every time i close my eyes my heart beats….
me name Jr. Gong I’m telling you
i remember you like this song I’m telling you
me name Jr Gong…..
well Jr. Gong you have grown up well & excellent
treat your women right and provide for all the kids….
shout Nighyabingi burning up the serpents…
Mr. Roots me love him my protector and he nonviolent
i am going to make your locks twist without even touching your head
I’m going to feed you my body like it was your bread
so many mornings i imagine waking up to you making love to you with out even touching you
endlessly through out eternity… and weather i have you this life or next… i prepare for you
like you have never left….
and no man will ever feel this flesh
caress these breast
grab these hips
suck on these lips
without the energy of you
in this reality i wait for you because you promised to come home soon…
i remember you by fire light
making love till dawns first light
colors fly out of me surrounding We each time you enter me
and when you kiss my lips
a light rain starts to come down and all i want to know is
how do you do this to me and I’m in a different reality…
the war will soon be over and i& i can unite…
take away all the darkness and be a great light
the whole world is getting so crazy
lets travel the world and feed some babies
its all about love and affection and i have twice as much for you
and i want you to know…. I’m a rainbow too
i used to sleep soundly in your bed
you would caress my head and show me the universes
and my heart beats so deep you programed me in in my sleep
so every time my heart beats it says….
me name Jr. Gong I’m telling you
its been along time the world is waiting for this
jr. gong his honny muffin true style and tactics
its been along time i’ve been waiting for this… to greet you with a smile a hug and a kiss…

Excuse Me Miss

She hadn’t noticed him, but he knew her in a crowded room with her back turned
The manner in which every strand nestled gently at her whim on her head

The manner in which her infectious smile diseased onlookers like Medusa…as op-
posed to stone, gazing upon her was a one-way trip to bliss, and direct eye contact

made magic genies wish

The manner in which fine linen was blessed beyond bliss to kiss her frame in such a
way, angels en-route to carry out the creator’s grand plan strayed

He knew her…he knew her in a crowded room
In a dark valley, she would be the night’s light

Along the shore, she would serve as the tower that will save a sailor’s life
In a desert, she would be the mirage that allowed a dying traveler might

He knew her

He knew…that for every mistake he made, she forgave

Rocket scientist, not required

She was the best compliment to every well-wishing deed he had/has in operation
That complicated path that had been muddied by bullshit form every angel, she paved


When a spiritual refuge was required to provide sanctuary for sordid soul snatchers
that fronted for friends…she and she alone afforded him a place to stay

He knew her

He knew that rainy nights reminded him how well his hands caressed the contours of
her caramel skin…minus ever actually touching her at all…hence when there’s a chill

in the summer breeze, the hair on his hands stand tall

He knew that the Texas heat hinted towards the exigent temperature of the furnace
they call fourplay creates…and although he would never be acknowledged by NASA,
he could describe in great detail what it is like to travel to Orion and approximately

how long it takes

He knew how sick and tired he got sick and tired of sleeping alone…how does one
attain peace, when a portion of who you have grown to become is gone?

Bears all things
Believes all things
Hopes all things

Relationships don’t fail because we
“simply don’t try”

They fail because the possibilities fell through the bottom of dreams

She restores my soul
Provides a personal paradise
Heaven, through you

To make my incomplete complicated simplicity whole

I’ve done, you know that, I do
Before ‘we’ even began, we were one
I saw the beauty in a satisfied fantasy
Did you not see it to?

Let’s live the dream baby, find pleasure in the possibilities, make time non-existent

lady and live ”in” love till Love says enough Daisy

Seems a fitting find, that he should be blessed by such a beautiful sealer…an aes-
thetically perfectly pleasing schematic healer

He knew that he had unearthed a rare heirloom from a lost Atlantis treasure
Beyond measure, many had vaguely attempted…but fewer had dared tried…but all
before receiving on of God’s greatest blessings, had been denied
He knew she was the camouflaged craftsman who’s hand re-shaped the

Master Key

Smiling from the nirvana, he gently wrapped his hungry hands around the hips he had

lusted dust till dawn
excuse me miss
but you
you remind me
By: Socrateez

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